How To Insure That Your Children Have A Safe And Exciting Halloween-haywire

Elder-Care Halloween is an occasion filled with a lot of fun and excitement for the children. However always put the safety of your children first and far most. Never send your younger children off trick or treating all by themselves. Remember that the neighborhoods are not as safe as they were once upon a time. Hence, it’s very vital that they are under adult supervision or are at least in the care of a responsible older teenager while out. 1. Set a time at which you expect your children to be home and make sure you make it clear to them the importance of them getting home on time. 2. It’s very important that you remember to set all jack-o-lanterns with candles in them, out of the reach of your children. You don’t want to have any incidents of your children Halloween costumes accidentally being set a blaze. 3. When you are pumpkin carving with your children, don’t leave sharp knives laying around and never allow your children to use any sharp knives. It’s better and much safer for you to do all the carving and only let the kids clean out the pumpkins and draw faces on, which they want you to carve for them. 4. Explain to your children the importance of them staying on side walks, not cutting through back alleys, dark streets, or fields. Make sure that they know and understand that it is a lot safer for them to be in well lit areas and places that have people around. 5. Make sure that your children’s Halloween costumes fit them properly. Don’t get them big, baggy, loose costumes or over sized shoes. This will help them to get around easily without the danger of tripping and hurting themselves. 6. When picking your children’s Halloween costumes keep in mind that costumes that .e with props such as pitchforks, swords, butcher knives, wands, can cause accidental eye, face, and head injuries, so always make sure that these props are made out of a flexible harmless material. 7. Always make sure your childrens Halloween costumes are flame resistant and make sure that their costumes are bright colored so that they will be visible to motorists. If you select dark spooky costumes, you can always decorate the outside of the costumes with strips of reflective tape. 8. When selecting Halloween costumes for younger children make sure the costumes don’t have choking hazards such as buttons, beads or any other small accessories that can be swallowed by the younger ones. 9. It’s very important that you have your children’s names and addresses attached to their costumes, for identification purposes in case of any accident. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: