How long did the Red Army go in the long march about sixty-five thousand miles 4000dy

Long march in the Red Army in the end how far: a total of about sixty-five thousand miles to the core tip: if the Red Army will be added to the long march of the Red Army, the Red Army’s long march road, a total of about sixty-five thousand miles in the road, the total length of about four miles".   this paper from the "Guangming Daily" in October 13, 2016 04 edition, author: Liu Xueli, the original title: "how long" Long March 80 years ago, the leadership of the Communist Party of Chinese of the Red Army soldiers, to preserve the effective strength, realize the Anti Japanese revolutionary base, leaving the original strategic shift, and more than ten provinces across the surging rapids conquer, snow capped mountains, across the vast grassland, break blockades, crushing millions of enemy besieged, victory to the Shaanxi Gansu Ningxia region, the main force of the Red Army joining forces. Long long road, full of power and grandeur, capable of evoking praises and tears. This thrilling expedition, a miracle in the history of human warfare, is the eternal memory of the Chinese nation, always flowing in human history. In the struggle between the forces of wealth, harsh natural environment conditions, whether the Red Army long march road how long? Which is the twenty-five thousand mile long march? We can look at the following three sets of data. A Red Army troops go far long march road is twenty-five thousand in the Red Army, which is the Central Red Army Long March, the time is from October 1934 to October 1935; Fujian, Guangdong, through Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangxi, Guizhou, Yunnan, Sichuan, Gansu, Shaanxi, Xikang province 11; over more than and 20 mountains, the main there are Dayuling, Qitianling, Zhu Ling, Dupangling Yuechengling, adorable, Minshan, six Panshan and jiajinshan, hill, long hill in the dream pen (also called a summer hill, Ma Tang Leung), bin Deshan (also called Chang Chang, Tokuyama, Liangzi), Gu Shan (also known as Luo Gang, drag Shi Luoshan, tower 5) Lu Gang mountain; over 22 rivers, mainly in Xiangjiang, Wujiang, Yu River, Chishui, Jinsha River, Dadu River, Bai Longjiang, La Zi River, Weihe. The Red Army to the Northern Shaanxi, the long march mileage for the statistics, the results show that the go the furthest, mileage is twenty-five thousand. The Red Army’s Long March twenty-five thousand figures in the first announced in November 13, 1935, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China "for the Japanese Imperial annexation of North China and North China betrayed Jiang Jieshi declaration" in China sell. The "Declaration" pointed out: the leadership of the Communist Party of Chinese China Red Army’s main force, in order to direct leadership and organize Anti Japanese National Revolutionary War, in October 1934 began the Northward Expedition, "after twenty-five thousand thousand years long march across the eleven provinces of China territory, the spirit of hard struggle to refuse to be cowed or submit to the final victory, reached the China in the northwest, the original two provinces with the Red Army made rendezvous". Later, American reporter Snow put twenty-five thousand of the Red Army in the long march "write" Red Star over China (i.e. Chinese version of "Red Star over China"), widely spread at home and abroad. In order to further clarify the "twenty-five thousand" question, the Research Office of the Central Party organization had access to historical data calculate demonstration, and commissioned by the surveying and mapping departments calculated measurement, is a trusted digital. Two, the Red Army’s long march road, about a total of about sixty-five thousand miles of the Red Army refers to China’s Long March (four)相关的主题文章: