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Hongkong’s first restaurant Chuihua quietly withdraw Hangzhou foreign food brands have defeated Hongkong first tea restaurant in Hangzhou Cuihua quietly withdraw Ping water street one called the U disc in the era of office work of Mr. Lu, still remember in the streets of Tongluowan "hit" to the scene when the Cuihua tea restaurant. Night flight to Hongkong on business, the hungry, he saw the House 24 hours tea restaurant. A bowl of fish egg a cup of cold tea, 50 Hong Kong dollars. Mr. Lu said, for Hangzhou at that time the price is not cheap, but 24 hours that his memory is very deep, at two a.m. in a restaurant or a racket, All seats are occupied. In September 8, 2013, intime west of the city as a complex West plate body of the largest opening day, more than 150 thousand passengers. From 9 in the morning, intime West Road around almost paralyzed, to eight pm, Fengtan road is still in the traffic jam. The opening of second days, Mr. Lu Cuihua to eat, he recalled that other businesses have low to half off of the business activities, but he is still not Chuihua, schedule an hour long before finally sat down to eat chuihua. For the first time to enter the Hangzhou Greenwood has become the focus of their chowhound. The Greenwood area is large, with independent import and export, covers an area of 1300 square meters, down two points. At the same time, also in each big forum attracted chowhound who’s hot, some say than Hongkong pricing, some say there are differences with Shanghai flavor. As one of the office buildings near the dining options, Mr. Lu will occasionally go to Greenwood, pack a bag or pig to eat a bowl of Chicken Rice, Hainan Style. Because isregular, Mr. Lu also witnessed the Chuihua business cycles, and the increasing decline in quality. Three years later in August, Greenwood posted a huge sign in front of the restaurant, which read: Dear customer, in order to cooperate with the working group, the shop will be on August 28th at 22:00 and solemnly say "goodbye". "Goodbye" is not goodbye, but agreed to meet again. The market in 2012 to become the first restaurant in Hongkong shares". Now quietly withdraw from Hangzhou. At the end of the lease Tsui Wah Restaurant good 24 hours from Hangzhou has not had a "first Hongkong restaurant" Chuihua quietly withdraw Hangzhou "of the restaurant with a halo to Hangzhou." A senior food and beverage practitioners said. From the beginning of 1990, Greenwood began in Tongluowan, Jotun, Tsuen Wan and central and other densely populated and highly concentrated area people to open a restaurant. These areas are located in the Greenwood increase benefits at the same time also strengthen the brand image. In the Cuihua restaurant is a representative, due to its proximity to Lan Kwai Fong, 24 hours of operation is one of the highlights, as many Hongkong people in the eyes of the fashion restaurant. Not only that, central Chuihua has become synonymous with the culture of Hongkong is one of the landmarks, visitors to Hongkong will go to experience, similar to the Hangzhou Lou Wailou Restaurant, hangzhou. In 2013 to enter the Hangzhou, Greenwood attaches great importance to the Hangzhou market, even in the location when picked intime West Street shops, there is only one reason:)相关的主题文章: