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Hongkong lawmakers on oath: shame behavior does not regret the British government has sent a letter to the original title: China foreign masters wrote to shame members complain Hongkong public opinion did not quite Songheng beam and You Huizhen [Global Times reported] 15 on the high court of Hongkong SAR Government filed a judicial review case verdict, ruling two members elect Liang Songheng, in disgrace you Huizhen sworn in breach of the basic law and the law of Hongkong, have no legal effect, two members were disqualified. For the judgment of the high court, beam, two people still did not give up. The high court ruled that the beam, two people members were disqualified after the court verdict for tour Huizhen claimed that the earlier government small action and the National People’s Congress is to put pressure on the court interpretation etc.. Liang Songheng did not appear in the activities that attended the University, he was not regretted his sworn behavior. On the evening of 15, beam, two people held a press conference, said the court ruling is not satisfied with the results, will appeal to 16 days, and will appeal to the court for an injunction on the grounds, the government banned vacant two seats. Tour Huizhen said at a press conference, the objective effect of court ruling is "regime above democracy". She has written to the British government, "said China violations of the" Joint Declaration ", hope that the British government will not pay attention to settle a matter by leaving it unsettled". "Hongkong daily" website, the Supreme Court ruled that the beam, tour oath invalid, cancellation of the two members of the Legislative Council after qualification, in less than an hour, has two people in the Legislative Council building demolition brand go. There was a small note on the desk of Liang Songheng’s office, which said, "stay in the Castle Peak, even if there is no firewood.". On this tour, beam to foreign masters complain complain tricks, Hongkong public opinion quite disdain. Hongkong said the commentator Chen Kaiwen to accept the "Global Times" reporter, the importance of the ruling is not only for the beam, two people, but also warned the opposition, in any form or content of the "one country two systems" refused to accept the principle of "one country", not as members. The opposition has criticized the National People’s Congress to interpret the law, but also urged the court to ignore the interpretation of the law of the people’s Congress of Hongkong, but the court’s ruling has made it clear that the court to comply with the law of the people’s Congress, and has the responsibility to comply. In addition to the beam, swim two people, in order to turtle speed was sworn in Liu Xiaoli, etc., in the oath of feeding the recent members of the public face of a group to apply for judicial review proceedings. Last week, Hongkong taxi drivers and operators will put forward the review to the high court, asking the court to declare Liang Guoxiong, Luo Guancong and other 8 members sworn invalid, 14 "love Hong Kong" voice of Chen Jiawei for the 11 members in the affidavit "feed" to the members of the court review. Hongkong "01" website, beam, tour a month and took the oath of the storm, the court ultimately ruled that the two members were disqualified, the verdict will be court days after hearing similar case. Some gang members also made a judicial review of more than and 10 other members of the committee who had been inserted into the "self determination" or "Hong Kong Independence" when they were sworn in, demanding the removal of their membership. According to the judgment, the court did not refer to interpretation of text, but according to "the oaths and Declarations Ordinance" ruled that two people belong to "refused to take the oath, and killing two people owned 3 members相关的主题文章: