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Hongkong Daily: China Internet innovation attract people use – catch up from behind Beijing Beijing in September 13, the Hongkong daily 13 journal article said that for a long time, Hongkong has been with New York, London is the international financial community collectively referred to as "Nylonkong", which is one of the world’s three largest international financial center. In June this year, commissioned by the city of London, the British consulting firm Z Yen Group statistics produced by the global financial center index (GFCI) ranking, Hongkong ranked fourth in the global financial center. In recent years, the mainland Internet platform began to enter Hongkong, and the growing influence. Analysis refers to a river of Shenzhen Qianhai is Hongkong Internet financial the most ideal partner, because more than 90% of Shenzhen’s Internet financial enterprises are concentrated in Qianhai, Qianhai as the Shenzhen Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Demonstration Zone, not only to learn from Hongkong’s excellent business environment, free economic system and efficient government governance, international law pattern, comprehensive professional services, at the same time, must also play their own innovation advantage, industry advantage, talent advantage, radiation Hongkong, Hongkong services, the integration of Hongkong, Hongkong contribute to economic development, improving people’s livelihood and social progress. In the field of Internet banking, Qianhai has begun to have the ability to serve Hongkong. The article said that although the Internet infrastructure construction in Hongkong started earlier, but in Hongkong a thousand li a day of the Internet era, the Internet system is not keeping up with the times, always follow the footsteps behind. All along, Hongkong have not been able to establish their own independent social networking platform, there is no large-scale e-commerce platform, Internet banking platform is blank. A few years ago, the people of Hong Kong and Hong Kong are mainly American Internet platform, the Internet platform in recent years, the mainland began to enter Hongkong, and the growing influence, the mainland Internet technology and market innovation to attract more and more people catch up from behind, the use of the Internet platform for the mainland. In August 25, 2016, the Hongkong Monetary Authority announced that the number of the first deposit and payment tool license (SVF license). The first batch of cards have 5 companies, including Alibaba Alipay wallet, Hongkong Telecom Tap & Go shot live tours, Tencent wealth data limited Wechat TNG limited Pay, TNG wallet, and Octopus Cards Limited octopus card. This paper points out that, as you can see, Alipay and Tencent’s mainland Alibaba under the WeChat payment won the Hongkong Monetary Authority issued mobile payment licenses, the mainland Internet financial enterprises which officially entered Hongkong. This will be of great significance for the development of Internet banking in Hongkong. (Yan Ansheng)相关的主题文章: