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Hong Xiuzhu to Cai Yingwen: propaganda of cross-strait relations is to keep the 92 consensus – Sohu news according to Taiwan "Central News Agency reports, the KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu said today in a press release," double festival "to celebrate the people’s safety and well-being in mind, rather than bring people to a troubled future. Hong Xiuzhu did not attend the ceremony today, at the end of the ceremony, she responded by a press release to talk to Cai Yingwen. Hong Xiuzhu reminded Cai, reform of exclusion law and reason, the only political liquidation and illegal struggle synonymous with it; no real reform with kindness and compassion, to society will be endless ethnic hostility. Hong Xiuzhu pointed out that since the past 8 years in power, the foundation for the stable development of cross-strait relations will is to abide by the "92 consensus", which is based on the Taiwan area "to comply with constitutional provisions against the division of standard. But Cai Yingwen and the DPP, so far still do not give up to depart from the Taiwan area "constitutional provisions" separatist beliefs and platform. This lack of sincerity, quite different political stance has been for people through, and it is possible to create a foundation for cross-strait peace? The shape of cross-strait relations in Taiwan to confront, and what are the benefits? Hong Xiuzhu said, for politicians to the welfare of the people as people read, not for one party a narrow political ideology and public service, do not need gorgeous statement and hypothetical future forecast, but plain, justice, compassion and peace policy commitment.相关的主题文章: