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Home heating always cool to contact heating units yesterday, the reporter learned from the city heating Office, the city, district heating management and street heating units hot test run a comprehensive inspection. Through all of the city’s heating site comprehensive carpet inspection, found problems in a timely manner, to ensure that in November 5th according to the standard heating heating. It is reported that, from the beginning of the hot test run, the city heating Office organized the city’s four districts and the new high tech park to focus on the supply of heat to check the number of users of the "big" as well as a heating period of many complaints about the heating site. At the same time, the district to the street as a unit of the district heating station test run a comprehensive inspection. Check items, most of the heating site hot commissioning. City heating Office official said, after the start of formal heating, will form the normalization of supervision and inspection, the inspection found problems to be severely punished without leniency. To remind the public that the hot test run is only a test facility, not formal heating, if 5 days ago, the home heating without water, water leakage or always cold, must be timely contact heating units. At the same time, people also don’t because the heating is not hot enough, and kept off the circulating water in the heating, it will affect the quality of heating. Heating system to have sufficient circulation of water to maintain normal operation, privately put circulating water is often easy to cause the system to lose water or form a gas plug, affect the heating effect of the whole system. If a large number of water loss will reduce the temperature of water supply, heating quality. Reporter Ji deposit相关的主题文章: