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UnCategorized When looking for an exciting and rejuvenating vacation experience the whole family will enjoy, few destinations can match the outdoor adventures that await in Colorado. With breathtaking mountain vistas, historic attractions unique to the American story of the West, hiking, climbing, horseback riding, fishing, and hunting, the opportunities for a truly memorable vacation await. A particularly appealing Colorado vacation destination is Hahn’s Peak, located near the shores of Steamboat Lake, 25 miles north of Steamboat Springs. Founded in 1865 as a gold, silver, and coal ore mining camp, it was at that time a booming town and county seat of Routt Country, boasting the first county school and post office. Its original Bear Cage Jail held the infamous Butch Cassidy during his outlaw career and the "cages" still stand to be visited for a glimpse of early Colorado treatment of lawbreakers. Once the mines dried up, Hahn’s Peak became a ghost town, leaving the historic buildings behind. The area was homesteaded by a rancher who worked it into the 1960s. Since then, there has been a movement old buildings being restored, supported by the Hahn’s Peak Area Historical Society. The serene residential historic district is home to a small population dedicated to the peace and preservation of the area, who have renounced the .mercial tourism development that define many historic Colorado mountain towns. Today, Hahn’s Peak introduces visitors to the area’s rich and colorful history. A free brochure guides guests on a walking tour of the village to see the original buildings from the town’s early days, many of which are still in use. The local museum housed in the "Little Green Schoolhouse," designated as a National Historic Site, features numerous displays and early photos of the area history. In addition, the village offers information on some 265 historic buildings in the village and ranches in the area to enhance the dedicated preservation efforts. Recreational opportunities at Hahn’s Peak offer interest for all. Hiking and biking can be enjoyed on the many area loop trails, some of which employ the historic Wyoming Trail and Elkhorn Stock Driveway that were used by ranchers to drive cattle and sheep. The steep climb to the to top of the peak itself rewards the effort with a magnificent view from the restored fire-lookout, another state historical site. Boating, fly-fishing, hunting, horseback riding, wildlife and scenic viewing, picnicking, snowmobiling, and so much more await vacationers to Hahn’s Peak. Enjoy a pampered stay at one of Hahn’s Peak Bed and Breakfast Inns for a restorative vacation and lifetime of memories. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: