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Hilary Trump staged the first debate chunqiangshezhan: mutual muckraking Beijing September new network in history in 27, according to foreign media reports, local time on the evening of 26, in 2016 the United States presidential candidate for the first televised debate started, Democratic presidential nominee Barack Hilary and Republican presidential candidate Trump confrontation". Two people start a debate in bicker, attack each other, seize each other weakness. Hilary questioned Trump’s tax records, and then asked Trump to fall into the door of the e-mail storm of public mail in. The debate a total of 90 minutes, divided into 6 sections, each section of 15 minutes. Debate moderator Holt shortly after the debate began to ask about the disclosure of his tax return records of the problem, and said, "the American people do not have the right to know (this)?" ()" Trump replied that he was in the audit. However, Holt said that the IRS has said that even during the audit, Trump can still publish tax records. In this regard, Trump replied that he has been in a state of audit. Moreover, he changed the subject, referred to the rival Hilary mail problem. Trump said he would open his tax records when Hilary released the 33000 emails she deleted. There are a lot of people in the debate venue even to Trump’s speech applauded. Hilary hit back quickly. She pointed out that Trump must have been hidden in the publication of the tax record, saying that each presidential candidate in the past 40 years have announced the tax returns. Hilary speculated that Trump did not publicly record, probably because he was not so rich, it may not be so generous, more likely to owe a foreign bank $600 million. She also said, do not believe that Trump will publish tax records. Hilary also explained that she had some responsibility in the mail storm. But Trump thought Hilary was interested in it. Before the debate, Trump and Hilary have been holding on to each other’s problems. Hilary, August 12th, announced its tax returns in 2015, showing a total income of $10 million 600 thousand last year, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton, nearly 10% donated to charity, the actual federal tax rate of about $34%. Hilary campaign team accused Republican candidate Trump conceal personal financial information, refused to publish tax. With the election approaching, Trump did not forget to focus fire attack Hilary. The Trump camp by mail "let go," and mail door "into Clinton Hilary There are still repercussions., fund donations scandal. For Trump, this means "new ammunition". It is reported that this televised debate will be held in New York, lasted 1.5 hours, divided into three topics, namely: the direction of the United States, to achieve prosperity and to protect the security of the United states". Each topic is divided into two sections, each for 15 minutes. In addition, Trump and Hilary, respectively, a few minutes before the start of the debate on the social networking site twitter issued a document, notice the upcoming debate. Trump is wearing a blue tie, and Hilary is in a red suit. Reuters and Ipsos latest poll.相关的主题文章: