High quality professional selection of SONY Fe 24-70mm GM evaluation stellarium

High quality professional selection of SONY FE 24-70mm GM evaluation into the full range of the era of SONY micro single camera, in the end this year can be said to be officially entered the field of professional photography. FE port "three" arrival is a surprise. The lens is Dasanyuan marks a professional camera lens system benchmark. Constant large aperture, high quality, zoom. As the most practical lens in the system, nature is also the highest degree of concern. As the strength of Dasanyuan getters, 24-70mm lens is the most practical. SONY’s new FE 24-70mm GM has finally come to our evaluation center, this new design of the lens performance? Let’s see if he can reach the standards of the masters. FE port Dasanyuan SONY flagship mirror target variable arrival in this year, SONY has finally ushered in its own FE bayonet system Dasanyuan series lens. The two models have been released all the current SONY’s highest specification GM – SONY G master lens series. High specification of the new series of lenses is also full of expectations. The FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM, regarded as the most practical Dasanyuan, and the highest utilization rate of a lens products. And this FE 24-70mm GM is the use of today’s SONY lens development of the highest point of the technology, such as the use of DDSSM focus drive motor, the use of the new XA lens F2.8. All of these make the new 24-70mm lens reach a new height. Three level FE F2.8 new 24-70mm SONY full frame single micro? System has reached a new height lens aspect: high resolution is the advantage of the large aperture excellent quality as the SONY FE bayonet under the flagship 24-70mm lens, a FE 24-70mm F2.8 resolution performance of GM lens is a big advantage for the. The resolution performance of the lens is the biggest bright spot, especially in the large aperture, its resolution and good sharpness is impressive. The lens in the dark corner, dispersion and distortion control performance is quite satisfactory. The advantages of high resolution with today’s high pixel body, can play a good performance advantage. SONY FE 24-70mm F2.8 resolution GM camera performance (click to view the detailed test content aspect: XA lens) lens application better bokeh effect in the SONY G Master Series lens, XA lens technology into bring focus to enhance the effect of lens. The new FE 24-70mm GM lens is a major feature of the grinding process to enhance the focus of the "onion ring" to solve the problem of the better to solve the problem of "F2.8". The combination of 70mm and f 2.8, can bring a better virtual effect. The new lens has a quite good effect of extrafocal (click to view the detailed test contents of SONY FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM) 35mm 24-70mm APS-C: the focal length of the lens frame under the.相关的主题文章: