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UnCategorized The Saudi Arabian Minister of Defense, Prince Saman would be receiving high-ranking Indian defense contingent led by Indian Defense Minister A.K. Antony. In the visit, the two sides would discuss a range of bilateral and regional issues especially in the defense sector. The visit of the Indian defense minister would be the first time a military official has visited Saudi Arabia. The contingent would include Defense Secretary Shashi K. Sharma, Vice Chief of Army Saff S. K. Singh, Deputy Chief of Naval Staff Vice Admiral Satish Soni and Air Vice Marshall M. R. Pawar. According to an Indian Embassy official, "A special plane carrying Antony and his delegation will land in Riyadh. This would herald a new era of defense cooperation between Riyadh and New Delhi." As of the moment, there is no defense agreement between the two countries but there have been regular exchanges of defense related visits and interactions. The visit is aimed to explore possibilities for the improvement of defense partnerships, military to military relations including issues on terrorism and piracy in the region. The discussions would be held with senior Saudi officials in order to pave the way for enhanced interaction especially about training and technical military exchanges. The discussions on areas where existing cooperation can be expanded for mutual benefit will also be touched on as well as discussion with representatives of the Indian .munity in the country. In recent years, strategic mutual cooperation has improved due to regional security issues as well as trade. Saudi Arabia is one of the largest suppliers of oil to the country and in return, many Indian .panies have invested in the Kingdom. Last year, the Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh had a three-day visit to the Kingdom. A previous delegation visited Riyadh last October to be able to establish an interest to create bilateral defense ties for the changing strategic landscape in Asia as well as changing alliances in the Middle East. The sixteen-member contingent from the National Defense College of India met with Saudi officials, visited military installations and discussed issues of .mon concern during their visit. India has increased its ties with other Gulf States aside from Saudi Arabia, such as visits by its service chiefs and naval vessels. On the other hand, Saudi officials have taken part in training programs and have be.e part of the Ocean Naval Initiative, a multilateral cooperation of navies from countries all over the world. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: