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The mother-in-law daughter-in-law force fed paraquat induced home 3 people for medical treatment (Figure) Ms. Lee in the hospital yesterday, Nanjing citizens Mr. Jiang to us calls his mother and wife and children together because of family disputes exposed to paraquat pesticide, the family in Gulou Hospital, medical expenses have made him feel very powerless. Then the family dispute what caused? Yesterday morning, the reporter in the Drum Tower Hospital Emergency Department saw Mr. Lee’s wife lee. After the doctor’s emergency rescue, Ms. Lee has been out of danger. But her neck and face were burned with traces of pesticides. Ms. Lee said that in the evening of September 12th, she and her husband because of a trivial altercation, the incident is the cause of Mr. Jiang would like to give some money to a friend sick. Mr. Jiang’s wife Lee "I said you this two smallpox money is borrowed to find someone else for you, I at home with children eat Rice porridge. I was talking about his mother, he said you said my mother, I kicked the door of his mother’s house. Then he told his mother." The two sides dispute, when Mr. Jiang’s mother was also involved, followed by the farce. Mr. Jiang’s wife Lee "his mother took a bottle of pesticide to me, his mother took the medicine to my mouth, I kicked him, my mouth is filled, drink do not drink do not know, in a little, now powerless." In the course of the dispute, Mr. Jiang’s wife, mother, children of one year of age are injured in varying degrees. Ms. Lee said he also drank a part of paraquat pesticide. The doctor said, paraquat is highly toxic pesticides, the so-called low toxicity is only for plants, the human body has great lethality, but fortunately, Ms. Lee did not drink much. In charge of the doctor, another week to check, the results of no particular problem, you can go to the eye to deal with eye problems." The doctor said that within 4 hours after ingestion of paraquat must promptly to the hospital because of gastric lavage, paraquat in blood 4-6 hours for the highest concentration, over this time the rescue effect will be greatly reduced. Paraquat is slowly damage to human organs, resulting in heart and lung failure. For the problem of pesticide abuse, in the face of an interview with reporters, Mr. Jiang’s mother is also very sorry. Mr. Jiang mother "table smashed like, neighbors said, I want to commit suicide, I say you in the noisy I drank. Later, the syrup poured out on a touch." Mr. Jiang said that the wife mother this farce, to bear most of the responsibility themselves, now the medical expenses has made him very anxious. Mr. Jiang, my mother should not participate in, can not do so, we do not have the economic capacity, and now the child is too poor, I hope to help me through the difficulties, even if I borrow some money." Mr. Jiang said that he will learn adjusting family relations, also want to have good people to help yourself.相关的主题文章: