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Henan push "opera into the campus" and strive to three years the province’s popularity – Beijing, Beijing, Zhengzhou, September 8, (Liu Peng) 8 afternoon, Henan Province in 2016 "opera into the campus campaign launch ceremony was held in Henan Province Experimental Primary school. According to official reports, Henan will be in accordance with the "one year, two years, three years of pilot promotion popularization" ideas, and strive to achieve the province’s high school let all students enjoy a free annual outstanding drama performance goals within three years. The launch ceremony of the day, the Henan provincial Party committee, propaganda minister Zhao Suping pointed out that "opera into the campus" activities is the urgent need to inherit Chinese traditional culture, the revitalization of opera art, is to improve the students’ aesthetic accomplishment, to promote the healthy growth of students livelihood projects. She stressed that the children’s thing is the most important thing, departments at all levels should attach great importance to this event, strengthen the responsibility, strengthen innovation, strengthen publicity." The opera "Mu Guiying command", Peking Opera "the red lantern", and the children’s favorite monkey "havoc in heaven" and other fine programs at the launch ceremony of the day are wonderful show. The children are also in the "campus play experience" link, personally feel the opera makeup, opera role-playing and other content. Henan opera is a big province, has dozens of local operas in the opera, Quju, Yuediao represented. Especially the opera is the first major local operas, is a cultural name card of Henan. Central "on the prosperity and development of socialist literature and art opinion" and the general office of the State Council "on the inheritance and development of a number of opera support policy notice" on the revitalization of opera art, promote the opera into the campus activities put forward specific requirements. Henan official said that since the beginning of this fall, the ten cities and counties to carry out the drama into the campus activities. In the next three years, the drama into the campus will cover all the province’s primary and secondary schools in Henan, in order to revitalize opera art, heritage and promote the Chinese traditional culture. Henan Provincial Cultural Bureau deputy inspector Yan Jingcai introduced, according to the University, middle school, primary school three school age education groups of different growth rules and aesthetic education law, will choose different levels of repertoire arrangement into the campus. Such as "Cheng Ying" in the university performance add 20 plays; into the middle school "guillotine" performance in 9 and the plum opera performance of "Mulan" in primary school; the 4 and 10 ZheZiXi etc.. The performance of traditional opera and the popularization of traditional opera will be combined with students’ interests and hobbies." (end)相关的主题文章: