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Henan real estate development qualification forced exit mechanism from the Henan Provincial Department of housing and urban rural construction to understand, in order to strengthen the dynamic supervision of real estate development enterprises before the launch of compulsory withdrawal mechanisms for the implementation of the quality of real estate development in Henan Province, and the record of bad behavior of enterprises regularly issued consumer alerts, reminders, regulate the real the real estate business market behavior. According to Xinhua News Agency reported on August 25th, the Henan provincial housing department responsible person, according to the regulations, not long-term business management of real estate development enterprises, and has not been nearly 3 years of development and construction land and projects under construction and completion of the performance, the law announced cancellation of its real estate development qualification. In addition, the real estate development enterprises should be in the qualification certificate expires 30 days before, to extend the application, such as the real estate business performance, personnel do not meet quality conditions continue, will be downgraded or cancelled; not to extend the application, will be deregistered. In order to guide and regulate the real estate enterprise law-abiding business, Henan province also set up the system of information disclosure of real estate development enterprises, the enterprise fails to change within the prescribed and incentive information, will be included in the credit records, and informed criticism, rectification. 3 consecutive times not to submit information in accordance with the prescribed period, will be credited to the enterprise bad behavior records regularly issued consumer alerts, reminders, strict supervision, standardize the behavior of the main business of the real estate market.相关的主题文章: