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Henan cracked false information from fraud 7877 to 188 million funds – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Li Fenghu) in October 8th, the Provincial Public Security Bureau informed the province against the governance of false information fraud crimes, since last December 1st, the anti false information fraud Center since its inception, the police have stopped freezing cheated 188 million yuan of funds fraud cases uncovered false information since 7877, and arrested 4441 suspects. The Provincial Public Security Bureau informed data show that this year, the province’s false information fraud cases an incidence rate of 11.32%, far lower than the national growth rate of 51.3%, the detection rate rose 6.5 times, arrested the suspect rose more than 7 times, the incidence of false information fraud cases have been effectively curbed the momentum. The provincial public security department said that the current personal information criminals illegally obtained from simple identity information, phone number, home address, extended to mobile phone mail list and mobile phone SMS, network account and password, bank account number and password, shopping records, travel records, and formed a "source – – illegal use of intermediaries" the interests of the chain and black industry. The source of information disclosure is also diverse, revealing to participate in the activities of enterprises and institutions, service agencies and more covert, "hackers" through technical means of attack, hit the library or the use of phishing sites, malicious Trojans, free WIFI, APP and other "technology" has become important source of theft. In April this year, the province’s public security organs to carry out combat remediation network infringement of citizens’ personal information crime special action to crack down on criminals, illegal acquisition, illegal sale of personal information of citizens, the rectification of the number of problems of network service providers. Next, the police will push forward the special action to develop in depth. At the same time, but also to remind the masses, to effectively enhance the sense of personal information security protection, to prevent the loss of personal information caused by illegal elements. The 4相关的主题文章: