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Henan, a private teacher for 15 years. 16 thousand village director ious: no money in the office of Chen Chonghua. The thirty-second teachers’ Day is Chinese for September 10, 2016 is 32 years from the respondents, to teach Chen Chonghua was in no mood to celebrate, he was holding a total of 15 years salary of 16000 yuan IOUs, cannot cash. Chen Chonghua is Huangchuan County of Xinyang City, Henan Province, Bao Zi Kou village. In 1984, he entered the village of Bao Zi Kou Cun primary school has been teaching, in the meantime, he became a private teacher from the private teacher plan first, substitute teachers is often said the "". From 1984 to 1999, Chen Chonghua 15 years of wages by the village committee issued ious forms of payment. Huangchuan County Education Bureau, the township government and longu Bao Zi Kou Cun Wei Hui’s staff confirmed the fact of wage arrears in an interview with the surging news interview. Bao Zi Kou village committee director Li Zubin said that the village like Chen Chonghua owed private teachers wages at least more than and 20 people, but now the village is unable to assume this part of the debt. Rural model teachers’ teaching achievements are recognized in October 26, 1984." After a lapse of 32 years, for the beginning of their own teaching that day, Chen Chonghua can blurt out, he said it was his life remember the most clear days. After graduating from high school in 1982, Chen Chonghua, like most of his classmates, went home to be a farmer. In October 1984, he learned that the village of small strokes teach the news, in the family support enrolled by the Township Education Management Organization Bao Zi village primary school recruit teaching examination, the first results into a small village as a teacher. "It was a real pleasure." Recall that performance, Chen Chonghua is still hard to contain my joy, in the same year, a rural family who can when the teacher is a "famous" thing, "the farm every day facing loess back into the air, not what way. I was lucky enough to pass the exam without a relationship." "Standing on the podium, see students joy and anxious, thinking of how to teach them what I know." Chen Chonghua told surging news, he served as a teacher after the first semester began to teach the four grade Chinese class, because at that time was only 21 years old, he was also responsible for the young school nearly 400 students in physical education. After teaching for a year, he began to teach the graduating class, and soon got good grades. I remember when the time when he took the final exam, the class is always the top three." Zhou Yongjie has long been retired in the village of young director of the eyes of the director, Chen Chonghua is a serious and real people, he was recognized by the results of my being recognized by the teachers, but also by the original rural education management station accreditation." In 1989, Chen Chonghua was promoted to President Zhou Yongjie appointed director, after this, Fort Zi Kou Cun primary school several times in the examination of the total score ranked in the top three, while Chen Chonghua was also long Gu township government has repeatedly as "excellent teacher", "model teacher". Wage iou. "The Henan times" 15 years of education wage arrears even received many honors, also won the respect of the people in the village, Chen Chonghua have their own unspeakable frustration. "After a few years has been no money, we also looked for the village, but"相关的主题文章: