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Henan: 2015 5070 eight provisions violate the spirit of being investigated – Sohu news Xinhua Zhengzhou February 14 Xinhua (reporter dual Swiss) Henan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and inventory in 2015 recently informed the province to investigate violations of the provisions of the central eight mental health problems since 3812, handling 5070 people, among them for a meal, a few weddings and funerals, native "things" by the party and government discipline and giving names exposure a few. Supervision Office of the Henan Provincial Commission for discipline inspection party and government responsible person, in 2015 the Henan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection 23 public exposure typical problems since 103, the Commission issued a total of two counties bulletin 1082, informed of issues 2468. In 2015 the province’s total processing violates the provisions of the central eight mental problems of 5070 people, including 3993 party and government discipline. "If he can just in violation of a blow and a shout, immediately stopped, many comrades will be reined in, not by " good comrade gradually transformed into " " " problem, comrade; even eventually become a prisoner of " "." Henan provincial Party Committee Standing Committee, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Yin Jinhua said, corrupt elements are broken from the beginning of the law, gradually developed to break the law. It is understood that the Henan practice the discipline and rules of law in the very front ", summed up the" six steps ":" whisper "prevention first;" pull the sleeves "catch small Zhuazao; warning, strict discipline, timely organization; investigation; fast transfer; heavy accountability, the implementation of a case double check". The masses, "Ji’s law" has saved many Party member cadres slide into the abyss, gradually create a positive social environment delicate gas. Author: Shuang Rui (source: Xinhua News Agency)

河南:2015年5070人违反八项规定精神被查处-搜狐新闻  新华社郑州2月14日电(记者双瑞)河南省纪委近日盘点2015年查处通报情况,全省共查处违反中央八项规定精神问题3812起,处理5070人,其中因一顿饭、一次红白喜事、一些土特产等“小事”受到党纪政纪处分并被点名道姓曝光的不在少数。  河南省纪委党风政风监督室相关负责人介绍,2015年河南省纪委分23次公开曝光典型问题103起,市县两级纪委共发通报1082期,通报问题2468起。2015年全省共处理违反中央八项规定精神问题5070人,其中党纪政纪处分3993人。  “如果在刚违纪时就能对他当头棒喝、立即叫停,许多同志就可能会悬崖勒马,不至于由"好同志"逐步蜕变为"问题同志",甚至最终沦为"阶下囚"。”河南省委常委、省纪委书记尹晋华说,贪腐分子都是从破纪开始,逐步发展到破法的。  据了解,河南践行“把纪律和规矩挺在法律前面”,总结出破题“六部曲”:“咬耳朵”防范在先;“扯袖子”抓早抓小;敲警钟,组织处理;严执纪,及时立案审查;快移送;重问责,实行“一案双查”。群众反映,“纪挺法前”挽救了很多党员干部滑向深渊,也逐步营造着风清气正的社会环境。  作者:双瑞 (来源:新华社)相关的主题文章: