Healthy Mid Autumn Festival need to grasp the 3 principles of eating-icesword

Healthy Mid Autumn Festival need to grasp the 3 principles of eating today is the annual Mid Autumn Festival, the 3 day of a small holiday many people will choose to eat with friends and relatives. Moon cake, snail, crab…… All food should be served on the table, nutritious and delicious. Like other festivals, the Mid Autumn Festival is also prone to overeating, in this regard, we in addition to guanzhuziji mouth outside, also should grasp the following 3 principles: principle 1: eat moon cake, taro and other festive food control are relatively stagnant greasy, eat not only good digestion, will increase the burden on the stomach. The digestive system is not good for people to eat too often after going to the hospital report. In addition to the traditional moon cake can not eat outside, more refreshing taste of the cake can not eat as much as you like, because it is cold food, eat more easy to damage the spleen and stomach function, each can only eat one. Especially for the spleen and stomach crowd, try not to eat, if it is true, some less Mo tanliang. Principle 2: good season to Mid Autumn Festival is eating seafood cooked crab crab, but belongs to cool food, the stomach deficiency or phlegm dampness constitution people who eat one or two can have fun, not greedy, even healthy people is best not to eat more than two, and three fat high protein allergy the crowd is best not to eat. In addition, in order to avoid food poisoning, Cooking Seafood must be cooked, cooked crab can add basil leaves, in addition to play the role of seasoning, but also solution crab poisoning. Eating crabs may be appropriate to drink some ginger tea or Yellow Wine warming body. Principle 3: eat more fruits of Autumn Festival has been a long time, should also pay attention to the choice of fruit, watermelon and other cold fruit should not eat. Autumn seasonal fruits such as grapefruit, pear and so on, are autumn dryness Jiapin, may be appropriate to eat, eat greasy and can solve the mid autumn festival.相关的主题文章: