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Harden support "the National Anthem protest" exposure NBA player or action picture! Harden 15-16 season Third Department of Tencent sports news September 24th (Calvin Watkins, ESPN writer) Rockets star Harden expressed support for a "National Anthem protest", NBA player may take action, this is their personal rights, will not affect the team. Harden support "the National Anthem protest" due to the recent frequent violence alleged racial discrimination, caused by the "protest Anthem" action. A football player, played for the San Francisco 49 people stand up without Colin Capet Nick in the game, but the national anthem, kneeling on the ground to express their dissatisfaction. Capet harden Nick, think this is an effective way of expression. "It is a strong statement that he insists on his own beliefs," Harden said. "Those events hurt people who were supposed to be protected and made their families sad. Everyone has their own beliefs, have their own way of dealing with the problem, I respect this." Rockets boss Alexander said he understood the reasons for the "National Anthem", but he wanted the flag to be respected. "I want them to respect the national flag," Alexander said. "I’m an american. If I were anywhere else in the world, I wouldn’t be the boss of a NBA team. There are serious prejudice towards blacks here, I knew it was bad, but at the same time, not for the flag with respect, because doing nothing." The players’ Union and the union are discussing how to deal with the "National Anthem" that could be seen in NBA, and Alexander said he had no idea what the coalition would do. James NBA player may be admitted, but the Rockets will have to form a team to discuss this matter. "Maybe, thoughts and beliefs that depends on the individual players," Harden said, "there will be a lot of things happen, we know that this is a personal act, I do not know how other people think, but we don’t let it affect the team. But this is a free country, that’s it." Rockets guard Beverly said he will not participate in the "National Anthem protest", Beverly has played overseas, played in Ukraine, Russia and the Greek team, who have suffered the pain away from the motherland. "I’m not going to do that, I’m fine, I’m happy here," Beverly said. "I remember five years overseas. I didn’t hear the national anthem." (coin) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: