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Harbin City, 7 late old man always dreamed of mother   for the police to the mother grave two shot " evil " – Heilongjiang Channel – people.com.cn "I came to the police, but I’m afraid I thing you no matter, can you help me?" 25, a seven year old man alone came to the city of Harbin Daowai District Yongyuan police station to police for help, but his request was that the police to the mother graves to put two guns. What’s going on here? 25 15, a 70 year old man on crutches came to the police station in Yongyuan hall, sitting chair. At that time, many people work, everyone thought he came to the police station for household registration. By 17, the hours were almost the same, and the old man was still sitting in the chair without saying anything. Seeing this situation, the police station police on duty asked whether the old uncle is to apply for household registration, why not go to the window?. The old man slowly said, "I’ll call the police, but I’m afraid I don’t care about it.". Can you help me?" The police first comfort the elderly: "what is the first thing you say, we think for you."." The old people just say their own situation, did not expect this to make the police dumbfounding. The old man told police he lived in dual Yongyuan Town Village, the mother died ten years ago, is buried in the nearby graves. But recently, the old man often dreams of his mother when he goes to bed at night, and recently he is always ill. The old man said, "it must be my old mother who wants to take me away.". I was scared to death. I burned my old mother’s paper for several days. She was ill and dreamed of her all the time. My wife said Police Pistol are evil, I want to ask you to my old mother put two graves to scare her gun, let her do not look for me." After the police heard the old man’s words, very helpless, have to say: "Grandpa, you have to go to the hospital sick ah."." (Li Weibing) (commissioning editor Zou Hui and Ding Yang) 哈尔滨市7旬老汉总梦见妈 求民警到母亲坟头开两枪"辟邪"–黑龙江频道–人民网 “我来报警,但是我怕我这事儿你们不管,你们能帮帮我吗?”25日,一位七旬老人独自来到哈尔滨市道外区永源派出所向民警求助,可是他的请求竟是希望民警到母亲坟头去放两枪。这是怎么一回事呢?25日15时,一位70多岁的老大爷拄着拐杖来到永源派出所,就坐在办事大厅的椅子上。当时办事的人比较多,大家都以为他是来派出所办理户籍的。可到了17时下班时间,人都走得差不多了,老大爷仍然坐在椅子上一言不发。 见此情景,派出所值班民警上前询问老大爷是否是来办理户籍的,为什么不去窗口。老大爷慢悠悠地说:“我来报警,但是我怕我这事儿你们不管。你们能帮帮我吗?”民警见状先安慰老人:“有什么事您先说,我们替您想办法。”老人这才说出自己的情况,没想到这要求让民警哭笑不得。老人告诉民警自己住在永源镇双源村,母亲十几年前去世,就埋在家附近的坟地里。可是最近一段时间,老人晚上睡觉时常梦见去世的母亲,而且最近他身体总是有病。 老人说:“肯定是我老母亲要把我带走了。我害怕得不行了,给我老母亲烧了好几天的纸,病也没好,做梦还是总梦见她。我老伴说警察的手枪都辟邪,我想求你们到我老母亲坟头去放两枪,吓吓她让她别再找我了。”民警听到老人的话后十分无奈,只好说:“大爷,您有病得先去医院啊。”(李威兵) (责编:邹慧、丁洋)相关的主题文章: