Harbin, a man saw a watermelon man stabbed more than and 30 year old man with a disability-kaya scodelario

Harbin a watermelon stall man stabbed more than and 30 year old disabled drunk escape new network – life daily news 29 August 30th 18 PM, in the Xiangfang District of Harbin Harbin spinning area in front of a man, and a man watching the watermelon stall altercation, stabbed several knives. At present, the assailant at large, the police are fully investigation. According to an unnamed witness vendors, stabbed the old man surnamed Tang, more than and 60 years old, when he had just finished his wine, and others after a quarrel in watermelon TanQian continue to criticize. See the old man let Hanbie watermelon stalls in the booth, the fear of affecting the business, so quarreled. "Watermelon stalls had two people, of which the assailant is not involved in the matter, a few days ago to see the watermelon stall hire, 20 yuan every day. Two people after a quarrel, see the booth man picked up a watermelon knife, the old man stabbed, there is a knife stabbed to the face, and then fled the scene." Reporters learned from the area of well-being of the police station, the old man was injured in the provincial hospital. By understanding the watermelon stall hired man about more than and 30 years old, unemployed personnel often occur in the vicinity, due to his disability, carrying away a crutch. At present, the police are tracing the assailant, there are clues to the public please contact the police immediately. (Lu Ming)相关的主题文章: