Hao! If China will win over two times the amount of red envelopes will be exposed Juventus-coscoqd

Hao! Suning will win if exposed inter hair big red two times the amount of Juve Suning with bonus to stimulate inter win sina sports news international Milan recently in front under the leadership of ACE icardi gradually restored, Suning in the signing of the summer midfielder Joao Mario also proved that the money is not white. According to Italian media reports, if Inter really can win the championship last season, then the manager of the Soviet Union will also give the team a big red package. Although the beginning of the season is not smooth, but from the victory over Juventus, Inter’s state of recovery, this season they are very likely to return to the Champions league. According to previous reports, if successful inter qualify for the Champions League, so Suning will continue in the future to help inter a helping hand, the transfer window on reinforcements. Their primary goal is Paris Brazil defender Malki Niosi, who is also interested in Barcelona and is willing to offer 60 million euros. In addition to continuing to increase his strength, according to the "Evening Post" news, Suning will have bonus stimulation, reported that Zhang Jindong has specially set up the winning prize, if Inter this season to break the monopoly of Juventus Serie A, then he will give the entire team to distribute 7 million -1000 million euros bonus allocation to everyone almost there will be about 300 thousand, it is reported that this figure is two times of juventus. (Jane)相关的主题文章: