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Hangzhou 21 people compete for a job online games industry is the most intense competition for more than a month before the school, a University of Hangzhou, a senior computer science students Wang began to busy. So far, he has played 4 matches in the online recruitment will also cast a dozen copies of your resume, but also did not find a suitable unit and post. This section of the job experience has let Wang gradually fierce competition in the workplace has a preliminary understanding. Wang most looking forward to the job unit is a game company, but from Zhaopin released "2016 autumn Hangzhou white-collar employer demand and supply of talent report", the degree of industry competition, even more clearly than the other. According to the recruitment data show that 34 of the city, the network game industry competition degree is the highest, is 79.7, that is to say on the platform, the investment amount received and resume the posts for the proportion of the number of 79.7:1, equivalent to the industry average of 79.7 people competing for a post. Hangzhou also continues this trend, the online game industry has become the highest index of competition in the industry, followed by the Internet e-commerce trade import and export industry, the computer software industry. Hangzhou 35.1% positions pre tax salary of $4000 per month -6000 yuan Hangzhou industry competition? According to the report, on average, every 21 people compete for a position. Although the online game industry competition is more intense, but from the point of view of salary, the average monthly salary of the highest, but the intermediary services industry, the average monthly salary of 12904 yuan. Followed by manufacturing (raw materials processing mold) industry, the level of pay is 12580 yuan; once again for professional services consulting (Accounting and legal human resources, etc.) industry, for $10154. The overall salary level, according to a summary of the release of the position information display, the autumn of 2016 in Hangzhou job period the average salary tax 7669 yuan, in the 34 major city ranked fifth, second only to the north of Guangzhou shenzhen. Position salary distribution from the enterprise of Hangzhou area, online job before tax in position 4001 to 6000 yuan between the most, accounting for 35.1%, in addition, the amount of Posts monthly salary of 8000 yuan accounted for 28.4%, the amount of Posts monthly salary of 6001 yuan to 8000 yuan accounted for 21.9%, the amount of jobs a monthly salary of 4000 yuan accounted for 14.6%. What position relatively unpopular? A look at the most intense, the network game industry competition, which occupation and job relatively unpopular? According to the data of online recruitment in the third quarter of 2016, in the country, health and beauty salons fitness, housekeeping services and insurance of community residents is still fall competition index ranked three lowest class occupation, competition index were 9.4, 10.2, 11.1. But these jobs pay may not be very low, in the recruitment of Hangzhou health beauty salon fitness column, college degree or equivalent higher monthly salary of 10 thousand yuan of above, these jobs tend to experience lower requirements, usually 1-3 years or no requirement. Cooking food research and development, sales business, mechanic.相关的主题文章: