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Handan held the non-material heritage of Nuwa pay homage to a record 2204 with hulus – with more than 2000 people playing hulusi. The newspaper news (reporter Wang Bin) the sound of drums and bells ringing salute. September 28th morning, Handan city held in Shexian County bingshen year Nuwa memorial. 2204 people at the same time with cucurbit flute playing "Nuwa song", the success of the most people playing at the same time gourd new Guinness world record. At 9:50 in the morning, thousands of people from all walks of life and people on behalf of all stood, playing music, 34 gun salute, drumming bells 9 times each. The host reading "WA" eulogy, on behalf of Nuwa into offering baskets, incense, with dancing sacrifice. The students who dress uniform and those who wear national costumes are composed of 2204 people, and they play with the gourd at the same time. The song "wa Nu song" is melodious, breaking the record of more than 1500 people playing cucurbit at the same time. Shexian County "Nuwa memorial ceremony" by the State Council included in the first batch of "national intangible cultural heritage list", is one of the five national ancestor worship ceremony. The memorial ceremony follows the principle of "new form, saving the festival, simple and lively". In addition, Shexian County will be in October 1st in the wa palace area sky Plaza "Nuwa descendants. Bud Chuzhan "100 young adult ceremony activities, when hundreds of girls will be unified to wear clothes held" unlock special "adult ceremony.

邯郸举办非物遗女娲祭奠 2204人同吹葫芦丝创纪录 ■2000余人同奏葫芦丝。   本报讯(记者 王彬)礼炮声响,钟鼓长鸣。9月28日上午,邯郸市涉县举办丙申年女娲祭奠。2204人现场同时用葫芦丝吹奏《女娲颂》,成功创下最多人同时吹奏葫芦丝新吉尼斯世界纪录。   上午9时50分,社会各界代表和民众数千人全体肃立,奏礼乐、鸣礼炮34响,击鼓鸣钟各9次。主持人恭读《女娲颂辞》,代表向女娲进献花篮、敬香,以乐舞告祭。统一着装的学生和身穿特色民族服饰的爱好者组成2204人的演奏团,众人同时用葫芦丝吹奏,一曲《女娲颂》大气悠扬,成功打破之前1500余人同时吹奏葫芦丝的纪录。   涉县“女娲祭奠”被国务院列入首批公布的国家“非物质文化遗产名录”,是全国五大祭祖大典之一。本次祭奠活动遵循“形式新颖、节约办节、简约热闹”的原则进行。   此外,涉县还将于10月1日在娲皇宫景区补天广场举办“女娲后裔。蓓蕾初绽”百名少女成人礼活动,届时百名少女将统一穿汉服举行“开锁启智”成人仪式。相关的主题文章: