Han 19 people will hold the fourth round of candlelight rally Park – Sohu press down requirements kamikaze love

The Korean people will hold the fourth round of candlelight rally 19 requirements Park – Sohu Beijing News from November 19,   according to the Korean media reported that 19 South Korean people will be 19 again held a candlelight vigil for South Korean President Park Geun hye to step down. It is expected that the students who have just finished the college entrance examination will participate in the rally on a large scale, while the conservative group that supports the president also plans to hold a confrontational rally. Many people worry about the conflict between the two sides. The Democratic Confederation consists of more than 1500 members of the community "is the National Park Geun hye regime to step down action (national action)" said in November 18th, "will be held on the evening of 19 6 fourth round weekend candlelight rally in Seoul Gwanghwamun square and other major areas of the country". Organizers estimate that there will be 500 thousand people in Seoul, the country will have more than 1 million people to participate in the rally. In support of President Park Geun hye’s "Love Park (Group will love Park Geun hye group)" in Seoul also apply in the afternoon of 19 2 square held rallies and demonstrations. It is reported that there have been users of "peaceful protest" in the online call, to support Park Geun hye provide forces "counterattack" ammunition. National action stakeholders also said, will try to hold peaceful assembly".相关的主题文章: