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Half – breaking gold bearing large stiff buffalo Steve broke Yanbian temporarily 2-1 China – Sohu sports Beijing time on September 17th, the twenty-fifth round of Super League, Yanbian flight home court against Hebei Huaxia happiness. Open only 3 minutes, Alois Theo broke into the Chinese happy to break the deadlock, Kim Seung big kick hit Steve equalised in stoppage time ahead, the first half of Yanbian 2-1 lead. The Yanbian round 1-2 defeat Lifan, recently 3 wheel 1 flat 2 negative have not won, but the 2 of them are losing the Yanbian guest game of the season before the 12 League home court, Yanbian 7 wins 3 flat 2 negative only recently, 5 home court 4 wins, 1 unbeaten; the last round 0-3 defeat to Hengda, Hebei Huaxia happiness last 10 league only scored 1 wins 2 flat 7 negative record, before the 11 season away 5 wins 1 flat 5 negative, the last 4 League away 1 flat 3 negative have not won. As the two championship, Yanbian and Hebei in this year’s first time lost 0-1. In addition, the two teams met in a stadium 4 times, Yanbian 1 wins 1 flat 2 negative disadvantage, once in the home court 3-0 victory over Hebei Huaxia happiness in Yanbian last year, it is the only time they beat. Just 3 minutes after the start of the game, Huaxia happiness is to break the deadlock in the ball to knock, Kakuta, behind Lee straight pass forward to front road crossing to the foot of Kakuta, Kakuta front, Alois Theo follow up offside ball in the area right hand to move! China happiness 1-0 ahead of Yanbian. Fifth minutes, it is a series of Chinese infiltration, the edge of the box to put the ball directly to shovel out the pool Zhong Guo line, corner kick siege. Fourteenth minutes, Alois Theo form a single, face Chi Wen attack, thought the keeper, but Chi Wenyi fell to the ground the ball confiscated. Fifteenth minutes, Haifeng Ding Zhengding has elbow movements, booked. Positioning the ball hit the edge of the area, gold bearing large headed a pendulum, Steve kept up a volley, hit fly. Seventeenth minutes, the Chinese continue to attack outside the area swept to the door wide, Jiang Ning has the opportunity, and turned to face the pool, the pool is struggling to resolve a volley. Twentieth minutes, the Chinese happy corner, Jiang Ning in the right corner, to keep up with the perimeter, Alois Theo shot hit high. Twenty-sixth minutes, Yanbian counterattack, left to Steve in Ju rumes singled, ranking rumes defensive foul booked. Thirtieth minutes, Jin Yangyang kicked Leehoon booked. Thirty-second minutes, knock back to back to Zhong Guo pool, large range of Li Xun passes in front of Steve, Steve singled out the gold was the formation of a breakthrough, enters the forbidden area left rib, xiadichuanzhong, before the gold bearing outflanking failed, after the golden wave and then shot by Yang Chengdang. Thirty-ninth minutes, Kakuta Zhise, Liao Junjian on the right side of the bottom cross knock, before mbia outflank, vigorously push shot hit the post. Forty-second minutes, Jin Bo ball into the box, Haifeng Ding forced Haifeng Ding to smear the face, legs tripped the opponent, the referee gave a penalty kick, gold bearing to deceive Yang Cheng easily hit! Field score 1-1 flat. The first half stoppage time, Steve qianchangduanqiu straight to the gold bearing and gold bearing a road running down to the bottom line of horizontal dial door, Lee Disembarrassing)相关的主题文章: