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Hakka delicacy: Mei food products Braised Pork about Meizhou? Sohu – tourism I sent a WeChat before going to Meizhou, "said Mei Cai Braised Pork with Meizhou Never mind". To Meizhou will have a local friend said "seriously dissatisfied", he said "how Never mind, Mei Cai Braised Pork is Meizhou, Meizhou Mei Cai Braised Pork is the most authentic, let you see today". Perhaps in order to prove the Braised Pork Mei food source, is suddenly suddenly this dish over the next three days, I had to, and then micro letter corrections, "Mei Cai Braised Pork is Meizhou". To say, but you really want to write or to be strict, I used a morning to find information, and finally determine the argument is Mei Cai Braised Pork with Meizhou did not have "blood relationship", authoritative statement "Mei Cai Braised Pork" dishes from Guangdong Huizhou, "Mei" is the word from the surname, Meizhou "mei". But there is nothing wrong with a little, "Mei Cai Braised Pork" is the traditional Hakka dishes, and Meizhou is known as the "World Hakka city", is the world’s most representative of the hakka. "Mei Cai Braised Pork is Meizhou Hakka cuisine" is not wrong. If Meizhou is Braised Pork Mei food dish will be controversial, but then the salt? Chicken orthodox Meizhou Hakka dishes, no objection, it is from a Meizhou businessman in Changle accidentally put the chicken barbecue in salt, found extremely beautiful. There are many versions of salt chicken culture, but the use of ingredients is an ordinary chicken (fat and tender hens best), which should also be the most common dishes. To kill the chicken with tasty variety of condiments, and then placed in the middle filled with salt pan baked until cooked. It is said that this dish is developed during the migration of the Hakka people, I think it is unlikely, because too much salt, in the past only in coastal areas have the conditions to do, the ancient salt in the mainland is also valuable things. Now this dish can be said that the famous nationwide, if Mei Cai Braised Pork north because there is no Mei food and can not do, so salt everywhere is not expensive, around the salt chicken are not luxuries?. As for the taste? I have not been able to eat in the northeast with the authentic practice here, eat salt, chicken or to Meizhou ah. Fried pig intestine (fried pig red) is the traditional Hakka dishes, it is said that Su Dongpo is very fond of the year, even repeatedly to fried pig’s large intestines lindgren. But the pig intestine in the north is not on the seats, not only on the seats, like to eat or eat people are not willing to eat. There is a slip broth dish, my impression is to eat cooked with green pepper stir e, it is said that some people love to take some of the dirty smell again, wash too clean but tasteless, this wonderful to eat a lot of people. But Meizhou to eat "fried pig intestines" is completely different, the first is the intestinal wash very clean, then put the fat on the intestines completely shaved, then the pot cooked to eight mature, and then seasonings stir fried, eat not greasy, fragrance and feel like eating sea intestines, a little crispy, young and old, unisex. Salted fish and eggplant do not know whether it is Hakka cuisine, but it is the orthodox cantonese. I remember the first time in more than and 20 years ago in a small restaurant in Guangzhou, to eat this dish can not be forgotten, every time to go to the next 9相关的主题文章: