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Hainan Hall official corruption 900 Yuwanyi trial was sentenced to 11 years of rule of Law — –   people.com.cn original title: lying in the arms of the vice mayor "developers on the project, pour the cadres, corruption is a long-standing problem. In recent years, cases of violation of law in the field of construction one after another, some leading cadres abusing power and even bribery almost unspoken rule in project contract. The concern of the former vice mayor of Hainan city in Haikou province Li Jie (Deputy departmental level) alleged bribery case, by the Hainan Provincial People’s Procuratorate accused the second branch of Hainan Province, the second intermediate people’s Court of first instance recently taking bribes and sentenced Li Jie to 11 years imprisonment, fined 1 million 600 thousand yuan. The court found that from 2004 to 2015, Li Jie served as secretary of the Haikou City Department of transportation will Meilan District, Meilan District Secretary, deputy mayor of Haikou Office of Haikou City, through the project, project bidding, project management etc., taking Hainan Fulong Group Limited 8 units and 23 people to give Chen Li a total of 9 million yuan of property, and identification of date value of 1.9 yuan of two pieces of gold. To intervene engineering company mister Li Jie was born in 1962, is the white people in Guangdong. From the army in 1988, from a clerk began his career in politics, served as director of the Haikou city traffic bureau Meilan District government district and Meilan District Party committee secretary, has served as deputy mayor of Haikou City, Everything is going smoothly. career. However, the way Li Jie occupies an important position, want the most is not how "in its place, their government, but to intervene in the project, but in the developer’s arms; earning huge commissions," planted "in engineering projects. Especially after eighteen, still does not converge, not close hand, continue to make money. September 2015, Li Jie bribery crime investigation. The court found that in Li Jie in the project bidding project, the developer promised to, always cannot forget to recommend their own general manager "Meilan District Director" — Haikou City Investment Construction Investment Co. Ltd. yang. Yang and Li Jie is more than 10 years old acquaintance. Yang Mouben is the person in charge of Haikou Meilan new travel agency Limited company, when he wanted to make a bus line project of tourist attractions in Haikou. After the Spring Festival in 2006, he was found when Li Jie, director of the Haikou municipal transportation bureau. Li Jie very happy to approve the travel bus lines, Yang gave Li Jie 300 thousand yuan to show gratitude. Since then, Yang tightly leans on Li Jie a powerful mountain. In April 2007, Meilan District, Haikou City Investment Construction Investment Co. Ltd. was established by Li Jie, working behind the scenes, let Yang served as the company’s boss, Li Jie Yang of the toe. Second years, the state government projects must go through the bidding process, can not cooperate with the common development of housing projects. For Li Jie, Yang came in handy. In June 2009, the bidding process in Meilan District low rent housing construction projects before, Li Jie asked Shao Xinghua to find yang. In the end, Yang under the guidance of Shao Xinghua affiliated engineering company won the bid. In the field of project bidding project, Li Jie involved in the project far more than these. Not only that, Li Jie is also funded project, demolition相关的主题文章: