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Hainan Danzhou telecommunications fraud crackdown year arrested 776 suspects – Beijing Beijing in Haikou on 29 August, (Wang Ziqian Zhang Lin He Xiuling) reporter 29 from Hainan Province, Danzhou municipal government was informed that the city governance model of telecommunication network crimes against a regional, destroyed a total of 77 gangs, arresting 776 suspects seized, and frozen money nearly 10 million. In recent years, with the ticket, change QQ winning form of publishing false information as a means of fraud gangs often occur in Hainan, Danzhou, listed by the State Council as one of the 7 key areas of telecommunications fraud. In the fight against the new telecommunications network crimes, Danzhou strongly promote special action in depth, the formation of the party and government led, sector linkage, mass participation in the opening. According to statistics, from August 14, 2015 to August 14, 2016, the Danzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau arrested 776 suspects (including foreign Co 512), detention of 264 suspects, destroyed the local gang 77, Duandiao dens 88, cracked 290 cases, seized the money 4 million 650 thousand yuan, frozen money about 4700000 yuan, the collection of "customer service" mobile phone 491, mobile phone card 201, 825 bank cards, computer 107, car 41, a total number of 3809 Telecom involved shutting down, stop bank account 1437. According to reports, in order to fully mobilize the people from all walks of life to participate in the fight against telecommunications fraud, Danzhou telecom network governance was established to combat new illegal crime special action leading group, the establishment of city governance system against illegal activities of new telecommunications network joint conference, perfect offices, comprehensive governance of Telecommunications fraud. In 10 towns (field) telecommunications fraud rampant, Danzhou supervise the rectification of key areas, dispatched personnel to villages and households to carry out investigation and control of key personnel. The city has also implemented the most stringent accountability mechanism, emphasizing the focus of the town, at the end of the farm does not pick out the focus of remediation "hat", will dispense with the Secretary, the mayor, director of the police station duty; provincial management units, telecom operators, financial industry in enterprises and institutions, such as not work actively, by the municipal Party committee and municipal government proposed the superior authority accountability liability according to the provisions. Danzhou city full coverage of propaganda work to combat telecommunications fraud, the provisions of the implementation of rewards to combat telecommunications fraud network active personnel, the highest award 500 thousand yuan, the lowest 30 thousand yuan reward, one year, has issued a bonus about 2000000 yuan. According to statistics, from April 21st to August 8 a total of 104 online fugitives arrested, among them, 32 suspects were arrested by the masses, the masses to persuade surrender 68 fugitives online, 2 online fugitives masses were seized and turned over to the public security organs, public security organs found in the work of 2 online fugitives, is currently the case decreased. (end)相关的主题文章: