Hackers invaded the British Princess Kate sister account theft thousands of photos sold-tonya mitchell

British Princess Kate hacking account stolen thousands of sister photo selling original title: British Princess Kate hacking private account stolen photos sold thousands of sister data figure: British Princess Kate (right) and sister Pippa Middleton. In September 25 Xinhua comprehensive report, the British Princess Kate’s sister Pippa’s iCloud account was hacked, stolen more than 3 thousand personal photo, hacker said photos include next year wedding photos wedding gown, Pippa Pippa and fiance’s intimate photos, and Pippa and William Kate a family of four private photos. According to the British "sun" and "Daily Mail" reported that a private press contact person in charge, offer 50 thousand pounds to sell these photos. Who spokesman has contacted a lawyer to follow up and the city of London police, the police have been involved in the investigation, but also did not take any action to arrest. Reported that the hacker claimed to "MAS" and "Crafty Cockney", through the invasion of Pippa’s cloud service iCloud account has photos of Apple Corp. Hackers sent two Zhang hit the mosaic on Pippa wedding, as "evidence", the background of the picture visible with a mobile phone for her mother Pippa photos. Confirmed by hackers approached the British "sun" said, refused to meet in person or on the phone, only through the WhatsApp program to encrypt communications. Hacker said, "given the current British Society of privacy concern", intends to sell the picture to the media, but that the British media should have a "priority"; hackers also refers to the end if no media are willing to buy, will be changed to ask for money to receive money for Pippa, will be returned to the other photos. The British "Daily Mail" quoted around Pippa refers to those hackers provide photos that are true, Pippa and Mathews’s spokesman has contacted the lawyer and the police. The 33 year old Pippa announced in July this year and Jiacaiwanguan engagement Mathews, scheduled next year to salute, outside attention this incident will affect two of the wedding. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: