Guangxi girls go to Beijing to pursue star dream, no income was abused to seek surrender, but was re-aptana studio

Guangxi girls go to Beijing to pursue star dream, no income was abused, to terminate the contract, but was refused in the absence of income, SISP members think, as long as you can learn something, insist on it is worth it. But they were too naive. The work of Cui Pengke, as long as the mood is not good, will be in the rehearsal over to scold members injured, sometimes during the day did not arrange exercises, but until he has to can’t sleep by members of the rehearsal, "after 24 hours on call". At the same time, their personal freedom is limited, in addition to rehearsals and performances, other time is not allowed to go out. Even arrange teaching assistants to report members’ every move. Video screenshot gradually, the five members of Cui Pengke more and more fear, like a badly frightened person. After school, he began to say that he was unwell and offered to take turns to take care of him at his home. In this respect, the members were resolute and did not compromise. Unfortunately, things so far, only 20 out of five girls did not take appropriate action, but endless tolerance. They repeatedly think about leaving, but when left would mean nearly a year of hard cast to waste.

广西女孩进京追求明星梦 无收入遭虐待求解约却被拒   在没有收入的情况下,SISP成员认为,只要能学到东西,坚持一下也是值得的。但是,她们太天真了。工作上,崔鹏科只要心情不好,就会在排练时过分打骂成员至伤,有时白天故意不安排练习,可是到凌晨他却以睡不着为由要求成员排练,“总之24小时随叫随到”。同时她们的人身自由也被限制,除了排练和演出,其他时间不允许外出。甚至安排助教汇报成员的一举一动。 视频截图   渐渐地,五位成员对崔鹏科越来越恐惧,犹如惊弓之鸟。放学君了解到,他开始说自己身体不舒服,提出让成员轮流住他家照顾他,在这一方面,成员们态度坚定,并没有妥协。   遗憾的是,事情发展至此,五位仅20出头的女孩并没有采取适当的行动,而是无尽的隐忍。她们多次想到离开,但是一旦离开便意味着将近一年的努力付诸东流。相关的主题文章: