Grey clothes so beautiful to choose from and out of hand and teach you advanced gray (video) ca1805

Grey clothes so beautiful to choose from and out of hand and teach you advanced gray "darker than black than white, lighter than silver, dark, cold than red, black and white interspersed in between, some dark or beauty, faint, faint, not better than pure black and white, but also not like the black and white single, like chaos, the world beginning in the middle of the ash, not pure and white than, no more than empty and black, but a bit simple, a little lonely, somewhat ethereal, unpredictable, running in black and white, like most people, are often changing, fickle. But like most people of color." Gray is the color of the people, the color is one of the deepest gray. Some are dark, some are pure. Perhaps, it is precisely because the gray is like a mystery, so it has a special charm. Senior onychomycosis is not what a gray, but by contrast the purity. Advanced gray requirements will be reduced as much as possible, to achieve the harmony of the entire screen shows a seemingly very advanced gray is a senior gray. Choose what kind of gray gray sweater, gray coat, such as gray single product, in the fall and winter season can be said to be very popular, no black heavy, more resistant than white…… But, want to pick out a good gray must choose the most pure gray. So, what kind of gray most pure? The following is a gray gray color from 10% to 90%, they do not contain RGB (Red Green Blue), with the naked eye can distinguish carefully, and there are some gray will contain RGB, even with RGB one will make the grey is not pure, it will look gray partial color, not good-looking. We have a lot of gray in the yellow, it looks dirty, even if it is clean, it will look dirty. So, when you buy clothes, you must take a closer look at gray enough pure. Different shades of grey in this season, we wear a gray sweater in some grey are mixed with "stain", in fact not only in knitted fabrics, grey system of other materials in a single product but also the existence of such ash. "Splash" visibility lower also can be showing more advanced gray posture, and has a "pure" lineage of the grey single product is our best choice. Gray sweater with different errors there are a lot of people to buy a gray dress but do not know how to wear, even if there is a very good look at a single product, but they can not wear a high sense. Then we’ll have some chestnuts". First chestnut gray scarf should not be combined with the gray coat, different levels of gray superposition will affect each other, for the light, so that the scarf and coat are not good-looking. Second chestnut grey coats with white trousers and a pair of dark boots?! What the hell? I’m sure you won’t wear that! Although we have to make a change in the choice of color, third chestnuts, but the style is not good, there is no way to save you. Gray with gray will be selected, with the elimination of errors, then gray clothing to match? In fact, the gray collocation that simple is very simple, that is more difficult. But only son相关的主题文章: