Google with China Mobile game developers to go to the sea to play really mmhouse

Google with China Mobile game developers to go to sea to play some real Google China Mobile game company began to taste the sweetness in the overseas market". According to the company in November this year App Mobile Application Market Research Report released by Annie, compared to the first half of the year, there are more and more applications in the China Mobile game companies on the overseas market ranking, the income in the United States before 50, in a recent domestic hot "onmyoji" are on the list. 2016 is a milestone in the global mobile gaming industry, while the development of overseas mobile gaming is becoming increasingly hot. According to the latest report from Google and the game research company Newzoo released show that in 2016 the total size of the global mobile gaming market will reach $37 billion, China accounted for $10 billion, overseas markets accounted for $27 billion, and is expected to 2018, the overseas market will reach $35 billion. At the same time, it is expected that in 2016 the average global mobile game users will pay more than the end of the first PC. 2016 is the mobile game according to Google Taikehubu milepost China industry general manager Deng Hui introduction, at present China in mobile innovation leading position in the world, a lot of China Mobile company have achieved great success in the global scope. The joint report released by Newzoo and Google introduced the overseas market of mobile games, Google also hope to see huge opportunities in the overseas market by virtue of their own advantages to attract China developers through the Google sea". The Southeast Asian market favorite China game according to the report, Chinese developers currently in the overseas game market performance has been remarkable, but still has the very big promotion space. In addition to China’s Asian mobile gaming market, that is, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Southeast Asia market, a very significant feature is mobile first, 57% of revenue from mobile games. In Japan, the game has been more mature, mobile game market growth is relatively low, but the mobile game market in Southeast Asia has great potential, the report is expected in the Southeast Asian market market share will double in the next two years. As for the Chinese game companies, the performance in this region is still very big difference, but also hidden a huge opportunity. Chinese game company in South Korea and Japan in the two relatively mature in the mobile gaming market share accounted for only 3-4%, but in Malaysia, Philippines and other countries, Chinese game company’s market share has reached 24%, can be said to have achieved success. In North America, the mobile gaming market is very mature, the growth rate is low, the average age of high paid players is too large, is second only to China’s second largest market. According to the report, some similar to the Candy Crush candy game of leisure by eliminating more preference, but now the North American game player is also more and more preference strategy, adventure games, and this game is China game player good at. Similar and mature markets in Japan, South Korea, Chinese game company in the North American market accounted for about 3-4%, but the future as more and more mobile games Chinese role rise, game company performance)相关的主题文章: