Gold vest strategic investors fellowship and broker members will be held cibi

Gold vest strategic investors fellowship and broker members will be held in October 9, 2016, gold vest computers & trading platform (hereinafter referred to as the gold vest) strategic investors and brokerage fraternity members held a successful meeting. Meng Jianwei, vice chairman of the platform, attended the meeting, deputy general manager, Mr. Wang Peng. It is reported that the meeting mainly discussed the market year work plan, strategic investors and broker members incentives and strategic investors and brokerage members how to win-win cooperation and other topics, including the gold vest Investment Committee Chairman Wang Longxiang put forward the "strategic investor labor competition activities, and the strategic investors, broker members is made suggestions, and seek common development. We know can be fully equipped for, sincerity, as a state-owned background of the gold vest, has long been insisting fairness, justice and openness, build compliance security trading platform. However, this is the advantage but also have constraints, investors believe that the gold vest more flexible, steady, rally in the old trading platform hard, catch up with this wave of market during the spring tide, the gold vest but not big in South Central Nanjing; reform of political strategy when brokers make snap, gold vest has led to conservative. The amount of membership account has not seen growth etc.. On the above issues, the friendship meeting all responded, management has been fully equipped for the release of the signal, will actively guide the development of the market. Xiao Bian learned from the participants of the meeting to discuss, including open again on the new incentives to give excellent placement; strategic investors; propaganda and drainage plate reform program, the management sincerity can be expected. After the reorganization, the meeting is expected to bold decentralization introduced in June to become the two largest shareholder of the founding shareholders of gold vest establishment led by the Beijing Municipal Finance Bureau in Beijing registration Clearing Co. Ltd.; the inspectors approved in the rectification process; to upgrade the hardware platform; 0 exchange rights, clear Beijing the financial Bureau is expected to be on the legality of the safe operation of the gold vest bold decentralization, it is with the regulators affirmed, how can we talk about the development of the follow-up. Restart the new listing through rectification, gold vest will start again on the new road, to attract more investors to participate in, to inject fresh blood into the market. Whether it is used for placement or market value of the purchase, and again on the new main force to provide more power. The main incentive scheme meeting also made the "concentric force, and win-win — strategic investment plan" people praise, in active trading volume and increase will be given according to the ranking original shares, which is currently the most incentive scheme to boost the market exchange is the effective. Vigorously develop the membership platform has also developed a member of the relevant incentive policies, or to meet certain conditions of the placing broker members, and access to new listing places, etc.. Platform will also follow up to increase publicity efforts to stimulate the development of new members to develop new members of the club, so that the market injected fresh blood active disk. Carry out the reform of the plate will be active species separate plate, is one of the common means of monitoring the exchange, low control varieties will have an exit mechanism. In this way, can the main incentive to do more, doing nothing s相关的主题文章: