Germany’s millions of functional illiteracy can only read and write simple sentences winavi video converter

Millions of German "functional illiterate" can only read and write simple sentences in new network on 9 September, according to foreign media reports, September 8th is the International Literacy Day, federal literacy and basic education in Germany Federation in Muenster to remind people to pay attention to the urgency of the situation of illiteracy in Germany, we must strengthen the action. According to UNESCO statistics, there are currently about 700 to 7 million 500 thousand people in Germany are "functional illiterate", that is, up to only a few simple sentences to read and write. According to data released by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (Deutschen), Unesco-Kommission, a total of 758 million people in the world are illiterate, and these people, there are 2/3 women. In some parts of the world, learning to read and write is regarded as a privilege, even though reading and writing are a necessary prerequisite for having an independent life. But only have these skills, "people will be able to rescue themselves from poverty, to participate in social life and achieve gender equality, peace and security can be possible, the committee member of the board of directors Hill Xie (Walter Hirche) said. But at the same time, the United Nations Educational, scientific and Cultural Organization in September 8th published third adult learning and Education Global Report (GRALE III), there is good news. Since 2000, the literacy rate of adults worldwide has risen from 82% to 86%, and the rate of literacy among women has increased from 77% to 83%. UNESCO director general Bokova (Irina Bokova) also mentioned in his speech the 50 anniversary of the International Literacy Day celebrations, although the world population growth, but the number of young illiterates in the period from 1990 to 2015 decreased by 25%. According to the statistics, in the past fifteen years, the number of young people with literacy in the world is increasing. With the help of the compulsory education system and the improvement of enrollment conditions, the literacy rate of the world’s youth has reached 91%. But from the regional point of view, sub Saharan Africa and South Asia, the problem of illiteracy is particularly serious, the two regions of literacy rates are lower than the world average. Sub Saharan Africa literacy rate was 71% (female only) in the South Asian region, the literacy rate was 84% (in the case of South Africa) was about 66%. UNESCO says it is "extremely unfair". On the whole, despite significant progress, progress in many areas of literacy is still too slow, it is difficult to achieve the commitment to achieve the sustainable development agenda in 2030. One of the goals of the agenda is to provide inclusive and equitable quality education, so that all people enjoy lifelong learning opportunities". Even in Germany, the Federation of literacy and basic education believes that a lot of work must be done immediately. In Germany, about 7000000 of the "functional illiteracy", 2 million 300 thousand is "absolutely illiterate", is also a kind of illiterate. For the so-called functional illiteracy, you need to distinguish between the life of the people of the society for the written text of how to master the requirements. In highly industrialized countries, for example, those with limited knowledge of reading and writing相关的主题文章: