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Fuzhou Metro Line 6 to the end of December built the plan completed in March 2021 the network October 29th hearing (Haidu reporter Qiu Yexu) yesterday, the reporter learned from Fuzhou Metro Company, Fuzhou Metro Line 6, the preliminary design has been reviewed by experts. The company stakeholders, the preliminary design of the project is the implementation of programmatic documents, the reasonableness of its direct impact on the construction difficulty, construction period and project cost. According to the experts to revise and improve the preliminary design of the provincial development and Reform Commission approved, will serve as a basis for line 6 engineering construction design. It is understood that the No. 6 subway line from the International Convention and Exhibition Center, ending at Changle International Airport, via the East New Town, the main city of Changle, Binhai and Fuzhou Changle Airport, is to guide and support the construction of infrastructure projects in Fuzhou district. At present, the construction of the project has also started the general contract bidding. Reporters from Fuzhou city public resources online hall learned that the length of the subway line 6 is about 41km, a total of 20 stations, including 19 underground stations, elevated station 1, 1, 4, 7, 8, 9 transfer line network line and rail transit planning in. A parking lot 1 in Zhang Lan, located Juliangduan in Henggang 1 seat, 1 seat control center. Project plans in December 30th this year, construction, to be completed in March 30, 2021. (channel network) >相关的主题文章: