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Friends to the Sichuan provincial Party Secretary and governor   message reply; a total of 118 people, Dongming — local leaders — the resume of   |  message to the Sichuan provincial Party Secretary Yin Li comrades resume   |    message to the governor of Sichuan province; Beijing in August 26, (Zhang Zheng) recently, Sichuan Province in 118 the message to the provincial Party Secretary and governor of the reply, message selected as follows: [Internet message] Secretary Wang Hello, I am an ordinary person to work in Shanghai from a small city in Jilin Province, born in 90, late last month to our Huanglong tourism in Jiuzhaigou, in the king Gelsall camp was recommended for Tibetan medicine treatment I have been very thin, family and friends worried that my body is not good, ask the white coat doctor, he looked at the palm and then look under the tongue, and I said dispensing drink, certainly not a Month on the effective, I suffering from anxiety and depression, has been using drugs, because they belong to psychiatric drugs, I specifically asked whether he, he said no effect, this is the treatment of your body moisture and disease of the spleen and stomach, a pair of 900 pieces, just now than you serious girl to 1100, you 900 enough and finally two doses of consolidation therapy, and guide by me with a side, drink three days to feel uncomfortable, but did not think this is a cause, then back to Shanghai, continue to drink, heartbeat and hands numb cold limbs feel fear not death anxiety symptoms all come, I shall not go go to the emergency room at night, because I have no recurrence for a long time, so it is concluded that the drug caused, and I take the medicine asked a lot of professional doctors and medicine, after inspection, these drugs are not only worth the money, Still very bad! Secretary Wang, I am just an ordinary girl, just want to live a simple life, and occasionally travel to see the beautiful scenery! Please give me a reply, thank you! Answer: Friends: hello! Your message reflects the problem, after the Jiuzhaigou County Industrial and commercial quality technology and food and Drug Administration coordination, has been on August 17th refund. Thank you very much for Sichuan province and Aba tourism concern and support, we will instruct the relevant departments to intensify supervision of the tourism shopping market. If there are objections to opinions, please directly to the Jiuzhaigou County business quality technology and the food and Drug Administration (Tel: 0837-7735315) or Aba tourism complaints train ([Internet message] Secretary hello. I was in Ruoergai Tang town business self-employed. I heard that from August 5th to September 30th this section of the road traffic control. In this way, the impact on our people is too great. A lot of people will be cut off when they don’t have the cost. I think it can be changed into daytime night control. Answer: Friends: hello! Your comments reflect the problems, the Ruoergai County Transportation Bureau, the answers are as follows: if the line of highway 209 watt road reconstruction project as the province, state key construction projects, the project started construction in 2015, has now entered the asphalt concrete pavement paving work. Ruoergai county is a county with high altitude, poor geological conditions and warm weather相关的主题文章: