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Friends said he was beaten in the Tianjin depression MLM official reply [] Internet message I am a student graduating in September, went to Tianjin trapped MLM, beaten, restriction of personal freedom, rob me of all my money, take my card on all 20 thousand yuan, then the family alarm, MLM leaders told me. My family said the police, let me go home to handle it, just put me! Then with the police station said the money did not want to come back, they said hundreds of thousands of people don’t want to, do not come back, please help me Secretary Li, there are more than and 10 young people trapped inside, ask the Secretary Li to rescue them!!! Reply: Thank you for your message. After receiving the piece, I instructed the Bureau leadership attaches great importance to the Public Security Bureau Jinghai investigation. After investigation, the police in the morning of October 9th 11 by staying with your phone number, you reflect themselves trapped locations in North Street, Han mouth, the specific address and not clear statement. Han Kou belongs to the Public Security Bureau of Jinghai North Street, Xicheng police station jurisdiction Xicheng police, after contact with you, you seem to be saved by their statements cannot distinguish between Chengguan, the jurisdiction of the Department, the police told you to report my area according to the specific location to determine the jurisdiction of the trapped units. Thank you for your concern and support for our work. I hope you will give us more and better ideas and suggestions.相关的主题文章: