Friends of Chengdu sun wedding costs about 700

User sun Chengdu men’s wedding cost about 700 thousand days ago, one Internet forum users post in the wedding cost, said the men in Chengdu to purchase a car, marry a wife on the condition of about 700 thousand yuan. In this regard, netizens each one airs his own views. There are female users that their algorithm is too absolute, marriage is not all the men pay the bill. Experts said that the marriage should spend how much money is two people, 700 thousand Yuan said there is no comparability and operability. How do you count? Buy a car accounted for the bulk of users post said, in the city to buy a set of 80 square meters of housing price 6000 yuan, 100 thousand yuan ordinary walking car is calculated, and then the new home decoration layout, and the cost required for the wedding, a total of 676 thousand yuan. If you count on the love of two years of 24 thousand yuan, a total of a man came to Chengdu to get a wife on the condition of the cost is 700 thousand. The users also cited the Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places of marriage costs for men. Among them, the highest in Shanghai, need to spend 1 million 400 thousand and 200, although the number of other cities have declined, but not less than 500 thousand, of which more than 23 of the expenditure was used to buy a house and buy a car. Chengdu men’s wife to spend 700 thousand yuan argument, netizens have different opinions. Some people think that the budget is too high, such as buying a car is not necessarily not to buy 100 thousand yuan. There are female users specifically pointed out that real life marriage, both men and women are paying. The woman is not to be married in accordance with this standard, more people still pay more attention to feelings. Too absolute! In fact, the woman is also money yesterday, reporters in the streets of the public to conduct a random survey. For the wedding spending the biggest cost budget: buy a house and a car, accounted for more than 50% of the people of marriageable women said they did not oppose the two people together to take home, but the key is to see how each other’s character. As for the car, because it is not necessary for life, in fact, can be delayed until after the economic situation better. Therefore, the so-called 700 thousand yuan marriage cost budget is too absolute. The 25 year old Liu Xiaojie lived near the Southwest Jiaotong University (micro-blog), according to the wedding will be held next week on her, she and her boyfriend love less than two years, although the marriage room is the man who bought, but only pay 120 thousand yuan Shoufu, also need two people together after marriage loan. The house decoration and furniture shopping appliance money is the common savings of two people, not part of it with both parents to some. As for the car, they haven’t thought about it yet. The wedding banquet money to a married friend said, received gifts can be offset. Two people’s marriage costs, a total of about 250 thousand, of which I had a total of more than 80 thousand." With the share of spending a little more male Wedding Association chairman Meng Ting said that this argument is too extreme. He said that the current society has entered the peak of the marriage after 80, this generation of marriage is bound to let men pay the idea, has gradually begun to change. Women tend to be more inclined to rely on men in a more equitable way. In fact, a lot of new marriage in Chengdu is borne by one side of the family to pay down the house, by the side of the family to bear the cost of home improvement. As for cars, not every family will buy a car. When two people fall in love!相关的主题文章: