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Former U.S. President Trump is also an active athlete many molecules [Abstract] Roosevelt loves boxing, Eisenhower is a football player, Ford is also the soul of rugby, Bush and son love to run, the newly elected Trump is also a sports activist. The 90 year old playing Parkour watched passers-by? The answers reveal a moment everyone was shocked many American presidents athlete Trump is active in the United States presidential election yesterday settled, the use of social media scripts king Trump to achieve reversal, the situation would beat a good Hilary. During the campaign debate because the koumeizhelan offended almost the entire United States sports circle the new president, the original student or a sports all rounder, in that he is not inferior to the previous two Republican President George Bush and George W. Bush. The controversial remarks winner occupation player Trump "mouth" against the United States Sports League four majority Hilary cishiping does not show on the presidential election position, because in his opinion, he is the most should be in the white house. However, with Lebron ·, Jordan, James; Kobe led the old star of Trump NBA is very offensive, they all publicly supported Hilary. In the third televised debate with Hilary, Trump attributed some of the remarks he had spoken to insulting women as "a joke in the dressing room". However, this has touched thousands on thousands of athletes is the bottom line, they can not accept, because the locker room as athletes second home. "I would like to tell him that in the dressing room, we will never respect women. I have a mother, a mother-in-law, a wife, a daughter, and the words like Trump don’t appear in our dressing room." James remarks on Trump very angry, he not only wrote an open letter in support of Hilary, personally for her own site, with a strong appeal for Hilary to win more votes. Among the four major sports leagues, Hilary’s high popularity is clearly than trump. NFL star Andrew Chris, Huokejinsi · · have Conley accused Trump of "locker room speech". In addition to the four major league ball, networking professionals also to Trump accusing, "King Kong" Navratilova sharply pointed out: "social media in the locker room to chat? Nonsense, this revealed Trump character, disguising, disgusting, criminal intent!" Tennis star Roddick’s wife, ·, and Dekker, on the Internet, "question" her husband: "is this a common word in the dressing room, dear?" "" If it is……" Ellipsis is a knife pattern. Of course, the United States still support Trump’s sports athletes, such as Brazil supermodel Giselle ·’s husband, NFL; ndchen many stars such as Tom Brody, · and the Republican fan management of some of the team is Trump’s. Bush served as president of the United States are running athlete Trump play 5 ball games poke a big trouble if Trump came to power in.相关的主题文章: