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Former in laws become friends? NCsoft network infringement Mobile Games stone angrily reports of "paradise" according to the South Korean NCsoft company announced that, in order to protect its well-known popular online game "paradise" IP, recently a subsidiary of Netmarble Its games alleged violations of "paradise" copyright lawsuit. It is understood that the South Korean NCsoft company said, MMORPG mobile game "Aden" in the main game name and the name of the case without authorization, theft of its well-known online games paradise. About the alleged theft of parts in addition to the "Aden" mobile phone game with the name of "paradise" in the game kingdom debut of the name "Aden", in the game with weapons name "heaven" is very similar, such as "samurai sword", "really fine sword" and "Joseph Lu Jizhi sword" and so on all goods name very similar, and the "Kurt sword", "Death Knight flaming sword", "dragon sword" and "true. Execution of Emperor Ming sword" and so on "paradise" famous rare items, "Aden" developers alleged to have part of the text to steal mobile phone game "Aden" weapon in the name of. In addition to the "Aden" previously closed CBT testing in July 15th until the end of August 16th held the appointment registration activities, also suspected of "+9 Joseph Lu Ji sword" and "really. Execution of Emperor Ming sword" content to attract people to participate in the activities of game player, these are misleading "paradise" game player suspected of theft and the well-known online game related content "paradise", so through the internal meeting decided against these violations to a lawsuit. It is worth mentioning that in February this year, Netmarble has been in South Korea a strategy will be published in Seoul, will use NCsoft’s famous popular "heaven 2", "sword of the spirit of" the development of IP Mobile Games, feeling let outside people feel very close relationship between the two companies. But now because of violations in court, the two companies had a close relationship to the embarrassing situation now is difficult to end. (there is no eternal friend shopping ah) (source: Sina play) statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: