Foreign media said Chinese love to sleep asleep at IKEA genius –

Foreign media said Chinese love to sleep asleep at IKEA: "genius" – Beijing source: "New York Times" website reference news network August 30th reported that the U.S. media said, in Chinese IKEA (Ikea) stores to buy tea table, cabinet and dessert plate, if tired to be dead beat in the hall. Cover a super comfortable duvet Fulong or lying in bed Stolo elevated nap. According to the "New York Times" website reported on August 29th, in the 21 IKEA stores around the Chinese, consumers or just want to sleep in air-conditioned places people will have no qualms about using the sample furniture took care of himself comfortably. Chinese will tell you that people have or streams of people busily coming and going, sleep in the same bed of strangers, and will not interfere with you have a squint a while. Reported that Chinese gifted, can be in any place and at any time to sleep, but it is almost a national pastime. In the supermarket, on the playground facilities, on the back seat of the motor bike, under the parked vehicle, and on the sample bed of IKEA, people can be seen everywhere. But why do you put yourself in bed when so many sofas and chairs beckon to you? Reported that other countries and regions of the IKEA stores are prohibited consumers sleeping in the store, but the Swedish retailer has allowed consumers Chinese nap in the shop, because it does not want to alienate in the habit of sleeping in public customers. China’s state media reported last year that IKEA plans to ban bad manners and wake up the nap of the shoes or the quilts. But these regulations have never been enforced, perhaps because IKEA feels that in this country of one billion consumers, people who fall asleep in their stores will make the decision to bring home furniture one day.相关的主题文章: