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For-profit private schools or out of compulsory education: the researchers table shocked – Sohu news   for-profit private schools or will be stopped outside the compulsory education. Yesterday, the "Private Education Promotion Law" draft amendment, to the twelve session of the twenty-fourth meeting of the NPC Standing Committee of the third review, which is clear: "held in private schools can choose a nonprofit or for-profit private schools. However, it is not allowed to set up for-profit private schools for compulsory education. According to a number of industry sources, the terms of the possibility of greater. In other words, in the future, the new for-profit private compulsory education in primary and secondary schools will no longer be allowed to run, has been set up will also face re selection. Supporters: "the private capital profit of" the establishment of for-profit private schools of compulsory education "in the" no news, you can see the "education is not the industry, are not allowed to intervene in the profit", "private capital" in support of the national reckless with greed, increase investment and support voice. Education scholar Xiong Bingqi also said he has been a supporter of this point of view, the private education is one of the biggest problems of private education in china." He introduced previously submitted for consideration of a reviewer and two reviewers, have failed to implement compulsory education in private schools to choose profit restrictions and was part of the NPC Standing Committee, the local education department and the public questioned, the NPC Law Committee to make not the "people’s Republic of China Private Education Promotion Law Amendment (draft)" vote proposals. He said: "in the stage of compulsory education, if the quality of primary school and junior high school are concentrated in the field of private education, private primary school, private school if the implementation of the future price charges, will not cause serious rebound of public opinion? Will the students into private primary schools, junior high school, the evolution of the public to money school choice? Will not because of the financial advantages of private schools, leading to public and private school quality difference is growing, the more hot school choice?" For some people worry that banned for-profit private schools, compulsory education resources will be more scarce, he said: "if this is the case, the local government should be no guarantee of compulsory education resources responsibility." The opposition: "private education fees will result in higher education injustice is nonsense." "I was shocked." Wu Hua, director of the private education research center of Zhejiang University, Sohu, the focus of the people, said: this idea is wrong, there is no need. Reduce the private education resources, and provide more quality education resources, to meet the social requirements of educational purposes." In July this year, Wu Hua had published an article on "education amendment, classification standards, the promotion law to appear, for-profit private schools will become a social reality, it will trigger the relevant government departments formed by for-profit and nonprofit private school to practice the classification standard of management." In December last year, the draft amendment to consider the draft of the two draft of the provisions of the first article: private school organizers can choose to set up non-profit or for-profit private schools." The reason for this advantage相关的主题文章: