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For iPhone7, Suning has been prepared to save a few thousand dollars Raiders – Finance – People’s answer in Beijing on September 8th morning was opened. IPhone7 predictable, but the public opinion generally believes that it did not lead to a "revolutionary" initiative, waterproof function, a new headset, black appearance had been exposed, it is "changing the world" feelings and values, as in the past, great teaching. Surprise is Suning, Suning mobile phone on the official micro-blog sent 6 iPhone7, the user involved in the activities of the 6 became a lucky dog. At the same time, the appointment of iPhone7 is also about to start, the sooner you buy, the more privileges. The conference did not how many surprises, but iPhone7 is still worth buying than the eyes of global attention, the apple conference seems a bit dull. Apple CEO Tim – Cook brings new music and games, bringing the ultimate equipment for healthy living – Apple Watch Series 2. The most high-profile new iPhone in the second half of the conference was launched, as always, Cook called it the best in the history of a iPhone". IPhone 7 aluminum body, with a configuration of a 4.7 inch HD display, with a wide range of colors comparable to the theater, Home key will have pressure sensing function. IPhone 7 has introduced a new matte black version, in addition to gold, silver, black and rose gold version. IPhone 7 can be dustproof waterproof, camera with optical anti shake function, the user can be launched in the new iOS 10 (September 13th onwards) on the Live Photo editing, camera pixels higher. IPhone 7 Plus two camera (wide-angle and telephoto), can achieve 2 optical zoom and digital zoom 10 times. Other details, iPhone 7 equipped with stereo speakers, while the headset interface to make a major adjustment, cancel the 3.5mm interface, instead of Lightning. Lightning interface earplugs and conversion will be shipped with the phone. The new wireless headset AirPods subsequently unveiled, will be shipped in October, priced at $159. Back to the iPhone 7 itself, the phone is equipped with the history of the strongest smartphone chip A-10 64 quad core processor, A9 faster than, faster than A8 times. In graphics processing capabilities, A10 faster than A9 3 times faster than A8 50%. Life time, iPhone 7 is the longest time in the history of the iPhone, iPhone 6S longer than 2 hours, iPhone Plus endurance of more than iPhone hours of 6s. These new features are more or less exposed before the conference, which makes a lot of stay up late to reduce the interest of the audience, many people claim that they will not buy a new iPhone. However, professionals still believe that iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus worth buying. "At the end of the annual conference, there will be some voices)相关的主题文章: