For a meal break can not simply

For a meal break can not simply stand in a Shanghai girl to accompany her boyfriend to Jiangxi rural home with her boyfriend and his family together to eat family reunion dinner, they decided to break up. The issue quickly became a hot topic during the Spring Festival, and the heat continued unabated. In February 15th, Shanghai media said: "some people act as moral sages". (February 15th "Morning News") in theory, in the face of the Shanghai girl have a meal in her home is rural decided to break up the event, users or media, should remain rational, at least to understand a premise that boys and girls together or break up this strike, their love is free no matter, together or break up reason, others have no right to interfere, but can not easily abuse or even criticize backseat driver. But unfortunately, the girl will open, the internetwas habitually stand. For example, people understand that girl standing on the girl’s side; one of the girls criticized, referring to its not Xianpinaifu accomplishment; such as people even point to Shanghai this group of girls, even to the people of Shanghai, geographical attack etc.. This is also the root cause of Shanghai media voice debate. But the media a voice, whether or not the views of the author and do not represent the position of the newspaper ", which also failed to stand out. Especially the family accused the boy not to distress a clean table, a neat chopsticks also take out ", it is to let people feel that someone talking"! Events become public topics, we need rational view, careful comments. At least, the media must not be like the blind and good friends, who stand out to challenge. Especially, facing the choice of "one meal break up" among girls, there is an objective reality of the gap between urban and rural areas. For example, traffic inconvenience; for example, the relatively backward rural life; such as toilet, sleep, eating and many other differences; such as environmental sanitation awareness and the difference between the facts. Faced with these realities, what should be thought about is how to change. "One meal break up" is a tragedy of love, but it is a social transformation in the era of urban and rural ideological concepts, spiritual pursuit, living wealth and other aspects of the gap between refraction. Despite these problems, but to boys and girls, city and countryside, and the people of Shanghai and outsiders such as different opposites, and then stand, or even attack each other, it is not unreasonable. Liu Peng, editor in chief: Huang Rui SN224

对“一饭分手”不能简单站队   一名上海女孩陪男友回江西农村老家过年,陪男友和其家人一起吃了顿团圆饭,吃完就决定分手了。这件事迅速成了春节期间人们热议的话题,而且热度持续不减。2月15日,有上海媒体发声称:“有人充当道德圣人指手画脚”。(2月15日《新闻晨报》)   按理来说,面对上海女孩在农村男友家吃一顿饭即决定分手事件,网友也罢,媒体也好,都应该保持理性,至少要先明白一个前提,即男孩与女孩在一起也好,分手也罢,这是他们各自的恋爱自由,不管在一起或者分手的原因如何,他人无权干涉,更不能动辄指手画脚,甚至批判辱骂。   但遗憾的是,女孩将其一公开,网友们就开始习惯性地站队。比如有人表示理解女孩,站在了女孩的一边;比如有人则对女孩大加批判,指其嫌贫爱富,没有修养;比如有人甚至将矛头指向了上海女孩这个群体,甚至指向了上海人,进行地域攻击等。   这也是上海媒体发声自辩的根本原因。但媒体一发声,不管是不是“作者观点,不代表本报立场”,其同样也没能跳出站队的嫌疑。特别是指责男孩家人“不至于 窘迫到一张干净桌子、一把整齐筷子也拿不出”等,这真是让人觉得有人“站着说话不腰疼”!事件成了公共话题,我们就需要理性看待、慎重评论。最起码,媒体 绝不能像盲目与好事的网友一样,站出来向着谁叫板。   特别是,面对女孩“一饭分手”的选择,其中还隐含着一个城乡差距的客观现实。比如交 通不便;比如相对落后的农村生活;比如包括上厕所、睡觉、吃饭等诸多不同;比如环境卫生意识与事实情况的差异等。面对这些现实,应该思考的是该如何改变。 “一饭分手”是一个爱情悲剧,但其更是一个社会转型时代下,城乡思想观念、精神追求、生活贫富等方面存在差距的折射。抛开这些问题,却把男孩与女孩、城市 与农村、外地人与上海人等分为不同的对立面,然后进行站队,甚至相互攻击,是不客观不理性的。   刘鹏 责任编辑:黄睿 SN224相关的主题文章: