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Hot new ideas – focus on the modern value of family entertainment Sohu Sohu entertainment news national first show "housewife value" is the most beautiful wife you Qilu channel broadcast fiery in the program from around Shandong daughter-in-law individuality, in order to show, showing the new era of daughter-in-law independent, optimistic and confident charm. At the same time, through the program shows a new family values, but also let the audience in front of a bright. The transformation of modern women’s family concept has aroused wide discussion in the society. Positive energy together to support other parents in recent years, the society frequently broke children who fail to support them by their parents to court the news, young people are busy trying to pursue self value, work hard, and ignore the concern and care for the elderly in the family, the modern "filial piety" consciousness seems to be increasingly weak. Will parents become an obstacle to the development of young people? "You are the most beautiful wife" is not only focused on the "wife" of this group, but also to expand the perspective of filial piety, moral social hot topic. Show, Yantai wife Tan Lanfang’s fiance died in the accident before her fiance died, unfortunately, Tan Lanfang take the initiative to assume the responsibility of parents to take care of each other, and whether it can support the parents together with their first column for his mate. Now, Tan Lanfang and her husband to take care of the parents, happy life. Guests Allen Lin said that the couple were positive energy couple, the two unconditional support for the parents of the deeds of the audience also led to the "filial piety" of the traditional concept of thinking of the. "Young girl" for love star since ancient times "energy-saving" and "career or love" this proposition seems to be only in male group, in the traditional family values, women should be at home xiangfujiaozi, there is no "business and family choice this problem. However, with the progress of society, the continuous improvement of the status of women, the new era of women who have begun to face the love or bread, the choice. Young girl was a combination of fifth generation member of the Zibo wife Zong Yanjun in the star for a good situation for love, decided to give up their favorite music, from Beijing to Shandong, she said: "meet the person should be appropriate to give up, give up there, I think I got a very good family" but left Beijing after Zong Yanjun did not give up his dream of music, but became a drum teacher in another field of continuing his musical career. You are the most beautiful "by" daughter-in-law stage the audience can see women in the new era is no longer the traditional family values in the "inside" role, but can be appropriate to take care of a family, the realization of self value "ability". Behind the small stature big energy TV show "the most beautiful" is the wife you observe and care for Chinese married women in this group, is a small stature but have large energy TV programs. In the program, every daughter-in-law is brought with the talent and the story, the story behind each daughter-in-law is a new interpretation of the concept of modern family. The program can diffuse on the bride price daughter-in-law.相关的主题文章: