Flying Cross Fu French man found a large number of real estate gold (Figure) – China

Flying Cross Fu: French man inherited property found a lot of gold (Figure) – Beijing, Beijing, November 23, according to foreign media reports, recently, a French man good luck, he not only from the death of relatives inherited a large house, still in the room under the furniture found 100 kilograms of gold. According to reports, the gold is the name of the heir did not disclose the following in a pile of tablecloths and in different corners of the bathroom. Phil Ford (Nicolas Fierfort) said, there are a total of 5000 gold products, including two kilograms of gold and 12 kilograms of 37 kilograms of gold bars of 1 kg. It is reported that these gold is estimated to reach 3 million 500 thousand euros. Phil Ford said he had gone to the house to estimate the value of the furniture sold for the new owner. But he pointed out that due to the gold hidden very hidden, he did not see. It was not until the new owner of the house began to move the furniture that the gold was found. Reported that the heir was first found in the bottom of the furniture was put in a small iron coins. Then, he found more coins in one original whisky box. Finally, the man found a pile of gold bars, each weighing 12 kg. According to the certificate found in the home of the deceased, the gold was purchased by the deceased in 1950s and in 60s, and has now been sold to buyers in France and abroad. However, local newspapers reported that the heir may need to pay 45% of the estate tax. And if the original owner of gold did not declare their own property, then the heir to pay 3 years of tax.相关的主题文章: