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Fishing enthusiasts caught 50 pounds of carp king "was bought – released in September 21st, a Shenyang fishing enthusiasts in Nanjing on the west side of the bridge on the South Bank of Hunhe River fishing a weighing nearly 50 pounds of big carp, two years after the Shenyang fishing carp once again break the record, it is a" magikarp". At present, this "magikarp" has been re released back into the river. 49.8 jin! I have never seen such a big carp on September 23rd, the Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter and a perennial in Hunhe River fishing contact, the person said, "these days, everyone in it, have never seen such a big carp! But now, the fish has been released!" The fishing enthusiasts declined to catch the name of this "carp angler king", said it was just a fifty or sixty year old man. This man has been fishing for more than a week in Nanjing on the west side of the South Bank of Hunhe River bridge. In September 21st, the man put the 12 sea rods in the South Bank of Hunhe river. 13 PM, the sea rod alarm rang, Yugan is bent, and a look that is certainly catch fish. The man and the fish in the river for more than and 40 minutes before the big fish uniforms. This carp king in the end no matter how long the measurement, but some people weighed the fish, weighing 49.8 pounds. See in the Hun River in catch such a big fish, many fishing enthusiasts have stepped forward holding a photo of carp. In the photos provided by users, the reporter saw a strong guy holding two hands big carp, still seems to have some difficulty. "Magikarp" was bought after it has been released to catch big fish is not a strange thing in the river, but caught so the weight of the carp is rare. The carp has become Shenyang Hunhe River water is available information since the discovery of the heaviest carp fishing, which won the new "carp king" title. Previously, Hunnan fishing out of "carp king" are less than 20 pounds. In June 25, 2014, fishing enthusiasts of fishing in the South Bank of Hunhe River Bridge Master Han River, successfully landed a 85 cm long, nearly 18 pounds of carp. In July 2nd of that year, fishing enthusiasts Master Wang in the South Bank of Hunhe River and successfully caught a 88 cm long, 19.2 pound carp, won the new "carp king" title. See the new "magikarp" was pulled to, many fishing enthusiasts are distressed, have recommended the release. Finally, this "magikarp" is engaged in a wholesale drug in Shenyang Sichuan Guo 1198 yuan to buy, then put it back to the river. Where does this carp King come from? Shenyang City Fisheries Technology Extension Station staff said that in recent years, with the increase of water governance of Hunhe River, river water quality and ecological system has been effectively improved, many fish in the river than before, but it still could not find out what is the wild carp in the Hunhe River, or Dahuofang reservoir water ran out the. Shenyang’s largest fish King weighing 77 kg with the emergence of the king of carp, fishing fishing history in Shenyang past fish king was turned out again. July 16, 2009, Shenyang Army相关的主题文章: