First price and then discount, brush single brush praise double 11 electricity supplier routines

First price and then discount, brush single brush praise double 11 electricity supplier routines too deep? Beijing – the new network in Beijing in November 11, (Lv Chunrong) "for free" and "explosion models seckill" and "the 50 percent off"…… It is a year, double 11, the electricity supplier platform promotions have started, which also attracts many consumers buy buy buy". However, in the consumer shopping occasion, some routine business and tricky note. Clothing brand clothing "double 11" before the price changes. The picture shows the network screenshot routines: there is a business first price and then discount prices responded that may at any time for some businesses first price and then discount, the annual double 11, regulators will have heavy strokes rectification. This year is no exception, "double 11" on the eve of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce called Jingdong, Alibaba and other 15 electricity supplier, held standard network centralized promotional activities of administrative guidance, for promotional activities organizers and operators to comply with the norms of promotional activities, not the price and then discount the first opportunity to shoddy, or impurities. However, the reporter found that there are still some businesses will be a number of goods, the first price and then discount". "Originally sold 99.5 yuan, now sell 199 yuan, 99.5 yuan to sell the" double 11 "." Recently, Xu, who lives in Shandong, Qingdao, told reporters broke the news, a well-known clothing brand official flagship store on a platform secretly first price and then discount". According to him, half a month ago, he was early on a short sleeved T-shirt in the store, the price of 99.5 yuan, and to prepare the "double 11" to start, but unexpectedly, this dress in recent days has been quietly rose to 199 yuan. In this regard, he did not understand, contact the seller, the seller simply reply, this is a normal price adjustment". Xu Rong said helplessly, "this summer when the cheap, they are still the official flagship store." Why prices? In this regard, the reporter also contacted the seller, the seller replied, baby is at any price, the price is set." Obviously, the above situation is not isolated cases, in micro-blog, many users have been drying out of their business was the first price and then discount encounter. The day before, there are media reports, an international sports brand official flagship store quietly raised the price of goods in the "double 11", and then discount promotion. Similarly, businesses simply reply, said the price adjustment, but also did not specify the reasons for price increases. The picture shows a brush single platform "the Commission price". Routine two: businesses spend money to find a platform brush sales brush a single Commission of at least $2 price, which is the most important consideration for many consumers shopping, followed by sales of goods, but also an important reference. A web site linked to sales of goods, in fact, is not entirely true data, some business data is out of the brush, insiders said, "ten nine brush shop" has become an open secret in the industry, if you do not brush, some stores can not come out, the search is not on the first few pages according to sales, the buyer can not see not to patronize. In a platform, "novice" stores Lin Yun tasted the sweetness of the single brush, last year, he and his friends opened a shop, but because it is new)相关的主题文章: