Fight back to Shanghai! 36 year old Liu Wei bitter fight for 49 minutes 31+5+4 (video)-ravbin

Fight back to Shanghai! 36 year old Liu Wei bitter fight 49 minutes 31+5+436 year old Liu Wei this season outbreak [collection] Sichuan 103-97 Guangzhou Liu Wei 31 Sichuan double overtime victory over the correspondent Bo reported before the start of the season, when Liu Wei from Xinjiang to Sichuan, and not many people noticed him. The next year in January will be 37 years old veteran, last season in Xinjiang when the effectiveness, the average data is only a score of 9 points and 3.1 assists, are the lowest career. Although veterans do not die, but many fans feel that the former Liu team, now only slowly withered. However, Liu Wei with his own performance this season to prove that he is still the top point guard. A war in Sichuan and Guangzhou, both sides played two overtime, while Liu Wei played 49 minutes and 39 seconds, with the highest 31 points, plus 5 rebounds and 4 assists, led Sichuan to win. Guangzhou this night, Liu Wei seems to have seen his peak performance in Shanghai. This war, originally focus Sichuan team is just the arrival of foreign aid Josh · Smith, and Josh in the first half after the debut, Sichuan team players are trying to transfer Josh shells, hoping to help the new team find the game. But the poor state of Josh, the Sichuan team players are also the wind is not suitable, the first half they score behind. In this context, Liu Wei stepped forward. The second half, he began to take full control of the team, or their breakthrough, or seek cooperation with him. There are several offensive match, Liu Wei to pass the ball, let a trance as if to see the year Liu Wei gave the appearance of the passing of the ball to the ball, and then to the. Just joined the team at the beginning of the season, Liu Wei and Hadadi’s cooperation was expected. "Hadadi coming back late, each other with no good chemistry," Liu Wei had previously commented his cooperation with Hadadi. But with the passage of time, the two degrees of understanding is getting higher and higher. It is worth mentioning that the last round, when the single foreign aid operations of the Sichuan team beat Jiangsu, scored a valuable victory, coach Yang Xuezeng had praised the Liu Wei and the pair of partners in the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States and the United States and foreign countries in. "This is a game we a a, veteran Liu Wei and Hadadi have played a prominent role," Yang Xuezeng said, "the team played very united, play a team strength." In this field, especially the two overtime, it was one of Liu Wei’s performance. The first overtime, Liu Weiceng because the bottom line ball fault, resulting in Sichuan 2 points behind, but he then used a 2+1 to allow the team to grasp the advantages. In the second overtime, Hadadi with six fouls, Josh cramp can not play, Sichuan became completely Liu Wei’s team. The two overtime, Liu Wei scored 8 points and two assists to Hadadi, which has become the key to winning in Sichuan. After the game, Liu Wei scored 21.2 points in the field, all the domestic players in the CBA, his second only to Yi Jianlian. "I’m going to have a lot of difficulties this year when I join a new team," Liu Wei said in an interview earlier this season.相关的主题文章: